(im on my kid brothers account)I am nearly 5 months pregnant, my employer has demoted me to work in a kennel?

I work as a receptionist in an animal clinic and due to a few recent mistakes ive been demoted to work in the kennel after working there 7 months as a receptionist. Rather than just fire me which Ive seen him do all the other times he demotes me–this has never happened before. i believe he is trying to make me quit. I would have rather been fired so that I may get unemployment. Working in a kennel that boards numerous CATS and dogs is not wise for a pregnancy. washing dishes entails washing dirty litter pans, taking out trash involves dirty litter, taking large dogs out on a more often than not wet floor is not wise, lifting large dogs into transport trucks and into the tubs for bathing is out of the question. Alot of these larger dogs are not tame and will try to pull you around. During the upcomming summer months this kennel can hold upwards of 60+ animals– What are my rights? I dont feel safe working in this environment with my baby and I know I cant afford to just quit. What are my unemployment rights?
This is a very large kennel dealing with alot of cats. The catboxes can carry toxoplasmosis which is harmful to unborn children. its not a matter of being dirty,its the hazards of washing cat pans and dealing with cat litter that is most harmful. And with only one fan in the side room there is little ventillation. in the summer (I will be in my third trimester) it gets extremely hot and busy back there (im located in PA). Along with the demotion comes a split shift and an odd day schedule.
I am able to do technician duties as I am sometimes required to do- Just so long as somone else will lift for me or deal with the dirtier aspect of the cat.

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6 Responses to “(im on my kid brothers account)I am nearly 5 months pregnant, my employer has demoted me to work in a kennel?”

  1. becca says:

    As crappy as it is (and potentially illegal) that your boss did that, you can work in the kennel. Hate to break it to you but I worked as a vet tech lifting, restraining and cleaning up after animals until I gave birth. Of course I was careful, no lifting over a certain weight and practiced good hygiene. Good luck

  2. CMH1382 says:

    What a jerk! How dare he put you & your baby at risk? I used to work at a kennel & the guy who owned it was an a** too! & Lord knows I know abut the mistakes you make at a job when you are pregnant. Luckily my employer is cutting me some slack but I feel like a moron 1/2 the time. Your boss is a heartless jerk & my #1 suggestion would be to have your child’s father wipe the kennels out w/ your boss’s face. Seriously though, I don’t have a really helpful suggestion. I just wanted to let you know I feel for you & that idiot will have something coming if you hurt yourself there. I’m talking lawsuit, workman’s comp, etc. Maybe you could talk to a lawyer now about your rights? This one really burns me up. Good luck!

  3. Richard says:

    Depends which country you are. I suspect you are in the US.

    There is nothing wrong with that work aside from the lifting which you should explain you are unable to do.

    Just because something is dirty and you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you can’t do it. Just wash your hands often and use gloves/other protective equipment.

    If your looking for us to tell you that you should be put back into the reception and not meant to do anything manual you won’t.

  4. Amy says:

    You CAN’T work there. There are way too many risks to you and your baby. I don’t know about your unemployment rights, but I do know that they can’t fire you because you are pregnant. I’m not sure if they are allowed to demote you, but that doesn’t seem right to me.

  5. Baby #1 due May22nd :) says:

    well you should get a doctors note first saying you can not change or clean the kennels well the cats or what not (your doc might just say wear a mask and gloves but I don’t know) second take it to your employer and say that you can not work in those conditions pregnant and would like to be transfered to something else…..if he refuses and you have a doctors not and then you voluntary quit youcan fight it. I was 1 month pregnant and I had asked my employer to get more fans nd make our work area more clean seeing ho I was pregnant and they used all kinds of chemicals out f regulation anyways hey didn’t so i voluntarly quit, I applied for unemployment that day I got denied and I wroe an appeal and got a court date and explained my reasons which was easier in person and I got excepted…I said the same thing, I did not feel safe working in this enviroment….talk with your doctor first and see if you can write you a note 🙂
    Good luck hun I wish you the best and congrats!!

  6. #1 Due 10-11-09 says:

    Well you should go to your doctor and get a note. This way he has the choice re-hire you as a receptionist or fire you so you could get unemployment. For that matter, he can’t fire you he would have to relocate you. I know for a fact a pregnant woman can not be around litter boxes. You can for sure get a note from your doctor and get off doing that duty. If your employer fails to comply you could file for a law suite and win. I had my doctor write me a note to cut my hours to 30 at my current job, i had been asking for months. As soon as i gave them that note two weeks later here i am working 30 hours a week. If its medical its high priority, an employer could get in a LOT of trouble if they refuse.

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