I'm moving and need some advice as to where to put my dog's ? (kennel,dog daycare use a dog walker) etc.?

I have 3 dog’s, very very hyper dog’s lol and i’m moving soon, at the moment i have a big yard that i let them run around in for an hour a day ( 2 hours on my day’s off) anyway i’m moving to a condo and it has basically no yard. The rest of the time they stay in the living room
My one dog whines when left alone and chews up stuff in my house sometimes and i have close neighbors where i’m moving to.
I was thinking of leaving them in doggy daycare while i work but for 3 dog’s that’s really expensive i checked all the places here it would be a day the cheapest.
Anyway i was looking for some advice as what to do to prepare them for the move
i was thinking about leaving them in a kennel ? ( a big one not small one) and hiring a dog walker to come by and walk them all, i was going to start doing that now so they will be prepared for when i move.
Or maybe giving them their own bedroom in the house ? ( and hiring a dog walker) so they can be used to being in a small space. I spoil them rotten so i’m really worried if that would be cruel or not?
I would appreciate any advice thanks

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8 Responses to “I'm moving and need some advice as to where to put my dog's ? (kennel,dog daycare use a dog walker) etc.?”

  1. fbk says:

    I would recommend that you find a kennel with outside runs. So that the dogs could run back and forth during the day. But the kennel should also have inside runs, so they can come in if they get cold or just to rest. Depending on where you live $90 a day seems like a lot, I would call around and see if you could find something cheaper. In Portland, Oregon I charge 18.00 a day per dog for dog boarding and doggy day care. The kennel does long term boarding also if you needed that when your moving.


  2. Aphrodite ☼Dobe says GROW UP says:

    Personally – when we know there will be no one to come home during the day to take our dog for a good solid walk, we drop him off at a daycare.
    It actually costs me $15/day and I don’t have to worry about him during that time. So to me, it’s worth it. The dog walker didn’t work for me – it actually ended up being the same price but for only half an hour a day.

  3. Rotten Rotts Lets Restore Sanity in the DS says:

    Do you have to take them everywhere you go???
    If you are giving them a good run before you go to work and after you return then they should be able to calm down while you work. Leave them a good raw bone or a stuffed kong.
    Try it with a dog walker maybe once during the day, but a day care??? Last result

  4. ashole says:

    how about the doggy day care a couple times a week (not every day). when my dog goes to doggy day care, she is pooped for a couple days and happy with a couple walks around the block.

    also sectioning the dogs off to only one part of the house that is safe and doggy-proof would be good to have a dog walker come by.

    good luck!

  5. samiah lowe says:

    Confine them to a kennal outside or in a room but outside would be better and get a lock for the kennel and hire a dog walker. Also get a key that can’t be copied. That way they will be able to run around and have a dog walker jog them. You can also get a treadmill and put eeach dog on it for 20 minutes each at a fast walking or trotting speed

  6. emma says:

    put the dog in a vet they Always have something where you can keep your dog for a couple days.

  7. Triangular Man says:

    Your dogs need exercise. Pay the doggy daycare or move into a place with a yard.

  8. Rina says:

    yes doggy daycare is VERY expensive, you’d go broke in no time. i think the large kennel/dog walker idea is good. its ok for them to be in a relatively small place, not cruel. but you’d definitely have to supplement with lots of walks to keep them occupied, or they go crazy and chew absolutely everything. dogs have the most behavioral problems when they’re stir crazy. i would consider getting a treadmill to walk them on for rainy days or times you cant afford the dog walker. but 3 dogs in a condo is a stretch, if it doesnt work out after a while, you may have to consider giving one or two up 🙁 i hope everything works for you! take care of those babies! ^_^

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