Im getting a puppy and i wanted to know if it is better to use an exercise pen or a kennel?

ok.. So im getting a yorkshire terrier and i wanted to know if it is better to use a kennel or an exercise pen for it to stay in at night and during the day when i am at school.. I am leaning more towards the pen because then the puppy will have more room to run around, and wont be so crammed up in a little space all day( cuz i know wouldnt want to be in a tiny space all day.). Any opinions appreciated! Thank you!
the kennel or the pen is going to be inside… gosh i would never let me puppy outside when not being watched!! and its only till she gets older.

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    5 Responses to “Im getting a puppy and i wanted to know if it is better to use an exercise pen or a kennel?”

    1. Salt&Pepper Apricot says:

      Want to hear my horror story about when my first two dogs were left outside all day?

      We used to leave them outside all day when we were at work and school. One day a couple guys were scouring the neighborhood looking for unsupervised dogs. They came up to our fence looking at one of our dogs. Thank GOD our neighbor caught them! My neighbor later told us that dog fighters and puppy millers scour neighborhoods looking to take unsupervised dogs. And they make it look like the dog got loose.

      So we only had them outside when we were home, but not outside with them. Until we found strange rocks in our yard. Kids were throwing rocks at our dogs. So from then on we only had them, and all other dogs we’ve owned since, outside only when we could be out there with them.

      PLEASE, for the safety of your dog, don’t have her outside when you can’t be out there with him or her.

      Edit: Oh, ok. You can get these play yard things where you section off a part of the room at petco or petsmart.

    2. matt c says:

      dogs are smart and can learn to get out of pens. check it out

    3. Kee says:

      I think you mean crate, not kennel. That’s fine, but keep in mind the puppy can jump the sides of the pen if they are not high enough. I crate trained all three of my dogs and they were fine.

    4. gbomer16 says:

      exercise pen ,would be good make sure its comfortabel

    5. Sheba J says:

      It’s best the dog be in the house at night and when you aren’t home. Dogs shouldn’t be outside unsupervised. These are the dogs that bark all day, get loose, etc. The owners should be outside with their dogs when they are outside.

      Google crate training. Proper crate training is very effective and very temporary if done correctly.

      Puppies are most likely to get loose, because their curiosity will get to them, and terriers are stubborn.

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