If my dog used puppy pads when he was little will he use them now when he older?

my dog used puppy pads when he was just a baby. I was just woundering if he would use them now that he is two years old.

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    5 Responses to “If my dog used puppy pads when he was little will he use them now when he older?”

    1. tilii says:

      Your dog will pee/poop where ever you have taught him to…..or where you have allowed him to. I don’t understand why you don’t just take the time and effort to house train him.

    2. SmileItsNotThatSerious says:

      he should be going outside at all times. Unless he is unhealthy.

    3. decbaby8303 says:

      why would you want him to? i mean is there a reason that you want him to. cuz who would want that smell in their house, and have to clean that up all the time, plus the expense, come on.

    4. basham_2005 says:

      they have pads for older dogs to but he migh chew them up, mine did

    5. Just Jess says:

      Once my dog learned how to potty outside he wouldn’t potty anywhere else unless he couldn’t hold it any longer.

      A week or so before we were going to fly to Hawaii from Seattle (about 8 hours from entering the airport to leaving it) I tried to retrain him to use the puppy pad, thinking it would be convient to take him into a rest room so he could relieve himself (he’s a service dog who can sit at my feet uncrated when we fly). He flat out refused. I kept him in the house all day and would place him on the pad and give him the potty command and he wouldn’t do it. After he had held his bladder and bowels for 16 hours I gave up and took him outside. I also tried taking the pads outside for him to potty on. He woudn’t do it. I guess he knows where and when he’s supposed to potty and nothing I can do will change that. So much for using puppy pads when we fly!

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