If my dog is on a leash and another dog runs up to mine and tries to bite I am not at fault right?

I was walking my Rottweiler and this little bulldog runs up and tries to bite my rotts leg after sniffing him for a while. My rott gave a warning nip in the air first..then the dog tried to bite again so my Rott picked up the dog in the air with his teeth and held the dog in the air. I told him to let go and he did.
The dogs owner blamed me.
I spilled my coffee everywhere and I apologized. "I said I’m so sorry" My dog did not break the skin.
If he did am I at fault?? what if the man hit my dog and my dog attacked him?
My dog was on the leash and on the sidewalk.
his dog was off the leash and after everything that happened his dog still kept trying to run up to mine…
I saw the man again later walking his dog off the leash
yes..I am too nice to people who are careless.
I am thinking I should have yelled at the man , if I would have kicked his dog my rottwould have destroyed it.
I could not risk that. Then the man would hit my dog and I would hit the man, then my dog would hospitalize the man…
This is why I only walk my dogs late at night when no one is around..
mom 24 you are right.
I allowed the dogs to carry out thier animal instincts.

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    6 Responses to “If my dog is on a leash and another dog runs up to mine and tries to bite I am not at fault right?”

    1. Veritas says:

      You are responsible for EVERYTHING your dog does..on or off leash. If your dog had killed or injured the other dog you would be responsible. The dog that instigated the fight should have been on a leash. If it went to court, you would be liable for the other dog’s Vet bill.

    2. !There is no cure for Ignorance! says:

      Your not at fault but the first time the dog bit where was this dogs owner i would of shouted for the owner to get his dog and now your dog just defended its self

    3. micki says:

      You were abiding by the leash laws…they were not. You will never be found at fault under those conditions.

      (Same thing happened to me many years ago…I had an Akita and we were walking…I was always very aware of our surroundings because he was particular about who were considered "friends"! Long story short, a young boy was skate boarding with his lab…we knew who they were and my dog didn’t particularly care for her…I yelled out down the street to confirm who she was, and asked the kid to cross the street because my dog didn’t like her but the stupid kid dropped the leash! She bolted right towards us and got way more than she bargained for. His parents tried to bring charges but were actually laughed at by the police when they heard the story since they were completely at fault, regardless of their dog being the only one hurt. That’s why you don’t let children walk dogs unsupervised — $hit happens!)

    4. Mom24 says:

      No, you are not at fault as your dog was on a leash and the other one was not.HOWEVER, use common sense next time.If your dog is not interested in another dog sniffing him, tell the owner to get the dog away or move along with your dog.Don’t wait for something like this to happen.

    5. Richard says:

      Find out if theres a leash law where you live. If so, it’s the guys fault. Also, if he came up to your dog and hit your dog, it would also be his fault.

    6. Magnet says:

      No it isn’t your fault. The same exact thing happened to me only I kicked the other dog and sent it flying when it started attacking my dog. The other dogs owners still apologized to me because they knew it was their fault.

      If I were you I would call the police because next thing you know that dog could attack a smaller dog or a little kid. There are leash laws and it should be on the leash.

      Edit: Thanks for all the thumbs down. Next time I guess I should have just sat there while my dog got attacked.

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