I would like to know what caused my dog's death?

It’s been about 3 years since it happened and I really never knew why. I will describe to you in details the story.

3 days before my 6yr. old rottweiler Tyson died, I noticed many things. It all started when I walked outside to feed him and he was laying with his head on the floor and his legs and arms spread out. I knelt down to rub his head and he just closed his eyes. I put his food tray down and he didn’t get up. Now, I will let you know that my dog was well built and liked to eat. This surprised me so I kind of hefted him up and guided him to his food, he sniffed it, walked off, and layed in the grass. This was day one.

On the second day, I noticed he would not move whatsoever and did’nt eat since day one. Around late afternoon, I noticed he would occasionally jerk and make heaving sounds, like if he was sneezing. I noted this and went to check on him, and he still continued. Later on he gained a little of his appetite and Just barely got up (he was very weak) and ate only a little of his food. Around nighttime he layed in his kennel like usual.
This was day two.

On the third day I began to notice him swelling up and not moving. His heaving breathing continued and he began to jerk frequently. Him stilI weak and not moving, I took him to the vet and they said it was something with his water. They gave him meds and then told me to bring him back the next day. Around 5:00 noon Tyson began to vomit, poop, urine and jerk. The swelling got worse. About an hour later, he would start to shake and mumble. These were obviously his final hours.
I dug a large hole in my backyard. Around 3:00am, Tyson died.

Ever since, I’ve been wondering what caused his death at such a young age. He was cared for well. Some say it was cancer and once someone told me that maybe his stomache turned inside out.

Can anyone figure out this mystery death?
Im not asking for a lecture. I know that I should’ve taken action from day one but I was stupid then.
Now that I come to think of it, my neighbor would always feed my dog something, I just never took the time to check

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    8 Responses to “I would like to know what caused my dog's death?”

    1. Akita - R.I.P Dumbeldor says:

      it could have been a majority of things but if you are looking for closure and were just to upset for a necropsy.


      1. allergy to something outside (one of the reasons dogs shouldnt be kept outside)

      2. he could have eaten some foreign material (rat poison ect)

      3. if you had a bad neighbor that didnt like him they could have poisoned him.

      i had a rott with cancer yeah, he didnt die like that.

      and the stomach thing …well i seriously doubt he would eat even that little bit or get up at all he would be crying in pain..

    2. Red Pony says:

      Well, I’m sorry for your loss since it’s still obvious you’re grieving for him. However, while many people have asked this question on Y/A before, the answers can only be conjecture.

      The only way to know FOR SURE what killed your dog is with a necropsy. But most people, overcome with grief at the time of their pet’s death, just don’t want to think about having their beloved pet have to undergo this procedure – and that is totally understandable.

      However, as distasteful as a necropsy might be, it can be the only way to put that nagging question behind you – since it will usually pinpoint the cause of death.

      I do question what the first vet did for your dog which sounds like nothing! Telling you it had to "do with his water!?" What does that mean? He should have kept the dog and run tests, given I.V. support etc. But, since that ship sailed and your still left with a dead dog, the question is moot.

      Anyway, once again, very sorry for your loss. If you still own dogs, though, this time will come again at some point 🙁 and if you don’t want to have to ask this question again and have it haunt you for years, have the necropsy done.

    3. NM says:

      I’m wondering why you waited three days.

      Did he possibly get into some antifreeze or rat poison?

      Oh, by the way, for the above post- it’s not illegal to bury your pet in your yard in every state. Just some.

    4. Trust and Believe says:

      Maybe he got into some poison – like weed killer or rat bait – attacks the nervous system – or maybe he had a stroke or other failure of the nervous system from natural causes, genetic defect. It could have been a severe allergy – anaphalactic shock… There are thousands of allergies out ther and lots of things you would think were harmles…
      Well, if it was gastric torsion (stomach twisted) – the vet should have been able to tell you, cuz that is easy to see if the vet even looked at the dog for two minutes. They don’t do autopsies on dogs.. but you know, dogs live very short lives but they pack a lot of living into a short period of time. Don’t sweat it.

    5. ? says:

      hmmm…only because you mentioned swelling…any chance he could have gotten into antifreeze? That destroys the kidney’s and therefore there is swelling as water is retained. Possibility but unfortunatly you will never know.
      And just for the record….if you have enough property you can bury your animals..as long as they are below the well..

    6. janet_james1948 says:

      It was 3 years ago so please just remember the good times you had with Tyson. Why was he in a kennel and not in the house and why didn’t you take him to a vet on day 1 ?

    7. Lindsay B says:

      Why are you wondering THREE years later? If you were so concerned, why didn’t you have a necropsy done. NO ONE here can tell you why your dog died.

      You do know that it’s illegal to bury a dog in your yard. You should have had him cremated.

      TRUST and BELIEVE, you are wrong, they do NECROPSIES on dogs, I’ve had them done, on parrots as well!

    8. Shnar says:

      Well, my uncle had a 6 year old Bullmastiff female. Almost all the same things that happened to yours occured. It started off when she wasnt very active.She would just lay there by her food and water bowl all day and rarely eat or drink.
      The 2nd day, her neck started to swell up which she made heavy breathing sounds, snorts and grunts since there was so much pressure. My uncle didnt think much of it since there was a bee nest by the house.
      The 3rd day it worsened and move down towards her chest. She was taken to the vet and was diagnosed with cancer. There were 3 options, euthanize her, give her some daily pills to extend her life by a few months, or go through all that expensice kimo therapy which didnt have a good chance of working. My uncle chose the pills. Which only extended her life by barely a week and 1/2. she also shook before her final hours.

      So, I say, it was most likely Cancer.
      Sorry about your loss!

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