I work 10 hours 5 days week and dont know best way to potty train adult dog?

I work away from home and Im gone for about 10 hours 5 days a week. I have a bichon frise that is 4 years old. He is a wonderful dog that doesnt usually go inside the main part of the house. He never goes when I am in the house with him and he goes outside when I ask him too. My problem is what to do when I am away from home at work. I currently am renting a home and keep him in the sun room so its lots of light with the windows and its a decent size room that I just let him roam around in all day. He will relieve himself and do his "business" in about half of the room. I even purchased a puppy pad with the fake grass on it for him to go on but since he lifts his leg to pee he never uses it. Everyday when I get home from work the room smells and I have to clean it up. I would never get rid of my dog because he is like a family member but I want to figure out the best way fro him to go during the day. I use to put him in a crate a long time ago but he would just go in the crate because it was a long period of time. I guess after a while he would go less in it but I still dont think its fair to him to be left in it for that long. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in adavnce.

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    5 Responses to “I work 10 hours 5 days week and dont know best way to potty train adult dog?”

    1. MissB says:

      Try to maybe get up earlier in the morning so he can eat and have enough time before you leave to relieve himself outside. Sometimes mother nature won’t call for an hour or two after a meal. As far as having a male who lift’s their leg, clear out the room so there is nothing for him to lift his leg on or cover things with washable tarps. Maybe a ceiling fan or something else to circulate the air would help with the smell. Those Airwick or Glade automatic room deodorizers work well too. I have one in my cat room.

    2. zingo says:

      Buy him a dog stick, its a stick covered with stuff he wants to pee on. It does end up stinking but you can wash it.

    3. Very General says:

      Four hours, much less 10 hours, is too long to crate a dog.

      I’m assuming he’s neutered. If not, make an appointment with the vet.

      Get a few baby gates or some exercise pens and split the sun room in half, or put him in a smaller room. Cover the floor with tarp, and puppy pads in the area you want him to go.

      Feed him and take him out one hour before you go to work – make certain he goes pee and poop.

      Best of luck.

    4. Dennis J says:

      How about doggie day care? Or I would go back to the crate, maybee something smaller.Good luck.

    5. cookie says:

      why did you ever get a dog when you are gone most of the day? How would you like having to "hold"
      it for 10 hrs. You’ve actually trained your dog to go sun room. Take a two week vacation and spend
      your time taking him outside after he eats, after he wakes up from sleeping, and every few hours
      and get him used to a word that means "outside"- "potty" – or"duty". Hope you have some luck

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