I really need to buy a cat , but my younger brother has lungs asthma from the cats hair , so what can i do ?

my younger brother has lungs asthma , so he is not supposed to have pets with hair at home or rugs or teddy bears that can harm his lungs more , and here is the problem i really need to have a cat , so what can i do in-order to buy a cat and at the same time don’t harm my brother . where can i leave my cat to be aways from my Brother at home . N.B : i don’t have garden to leave the cat there. Please Help Mee 🙁

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8 Responses to “I really need to buy a cat , but my younger brother has lungs asthma from the cats hair , so what can i do ?”

  1. Joe Cachia says:


  2. Pinky M says:

    Simemies cats are known for being the best cats to have if you or someone els has allergies. But, just to make sure… I would as his doctor if its okay!

  3. greenidlady says:

    I am mildly allergic to cats according to my Ear, Nose, and Throat/Allergist. It is rated on a scale of 1-5, I am a 2. I don’t have asthma. I can tell you what I know and have learned from the specialist I have seen through the years. It is not the hair that is bothersome to a person, it is the dander. There is nothing that can get rid of dander! When I am around cats, it is irritating but that’s it. Asthma however is totally different and much more severe! It is not simply irritating to someone with asthma. Your own words said he can’t have even a teddy bear that can "harm his lungs". You have the rest of your life to have a cat but, you only have one younger brother. Please consider his well being and health! If you like cats, maybe you could volunteer at an animal shelter where you could be around them. Even that, you would probably have to wash your clothing before he could be around it! Hope you find a solution that meets his needs as well.

  4. nochocolate says:

    Your brother is more important than a cat. Don’t be selfish. When you get your own home, you can have as many cats as you like.

  5. I'M BACK!!!! says:

    A hairless cat??? Any other cat even if u kept it away from your bro would effect him. Cat hair is going to get all over just from the air circulating through your home. Maybe u should just volunteer at ur local humane society or pet shelter so u can love up some animals who can use the attention and they are far away from your brother.

  6. Labeeb says:

    You could buy a Sphynx cat: they’re hairless. They’re ok for people with asthma or allergies. Just look info about their care and those things

  7. pennypincher says:

    It is not usually the cat’s hair that causes problems. It is the proteins in their saliva. The only cat truly said to be hypoallergenic is the Siberian. If you contact a breeder, they will even let you mail a handkerchief to them and place it in the cat’s bed. After the cat lies on it for a while, they will mail it back. That way you can test and see if your brother is allergic to Siberian cats in advance.

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