I need laundry help! How do you preserve color?

First of all, I’m a college student, which means that I don’t have the funding to separate my clothes very often. (laundry mat’s can be expensive) It’s usually not a huge deal, I mean, it gets them clean,but I’m to the point where most of my clothes look really drab and I need to take better care of them.

I bought Shout ‘color catchers’ and I thought I would try them. I just bought 5 new shirts, all in bold- and drastically different- colors. Should I risk throwing them in together, if I have the color catcher? (my mom said to use 2 or 3 of them) One’s purple, another is green, another is blue, you get the point.

The next thing I’m wondering about is how to keep them bright and pretty, so they don’t become drab. I know that there are many types of soap that help to preserve color, and I was wondering what the best one is?

Also, if anyone has any ideas of keeping pet hair off clothes, I’d love to hear them. All I have are lent rollers. And I try not to sit on the couch when I’m wearing dark pants, but somehow I still end up COVERED in it.
I almost forgot, I also have a white tank top that I wore under a green shirt, and now the tank is green. My mom said to wash it with the color catchers or let it soak in dish soap. But how do I keep this from happening again?

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2 Responses to “I need laundry help! How do you preserve color?”

  1. goddessdra says:

    Tide laundry detergent seems to be the best for keeping colors the same as when you bought them, and not end up with those little "fuzzies" on cotton clothes after a few washes.

    Never tried the color catchers, but seems like a great idea!

  2. MissWong says:

    To keep the pet hair off try using anti-static spray like Static Guard. It even works in your hair on those super cold days when you hair goes WAAAH! as you take off your coat. http://www.amazon.com/Static-Guard-Anti-Static-Spray-5-5/dp/B0013IRBG4

    To get pet hair off, lint brushes don’t work real well because well, it isn’t lint! Try this brush it’s a miracle! It rolls the pet hair up in a sweep! http://www.flylady.net/pages/flyshop_rubba_scrubba.asp My cat loves this brush too and it cleans all sorts of things as well. But it’s the BOMB for cat hair on your clothes or furniture.

    For removing dye use Rit Color remover which is made to take out dye that got where it doesn’t belong.

    Look for a detergent that says Color Preserver on it. I think Tide makes one?

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