I need advice on my dog's cut paw! Please see pictures and details!?

I took my dog to the beach yesterday, and unfortunately he cut his paw at some point. I’m not sure when, or what it was, because he didn’t yelp or limp or anything. I only noticed when he left bloody footprints on the dock. I’m assuming it was glass, but I can’t know for sure. The cut was a shallow looking split on one pad, but I bandaged it up and took him home. Following my vet’s over the phone advice, I washed the dirt out with warm water, applied Polysporin, and bandaged it up. I left it bandaged for the rest of the day. At night he sleeps in a crate, so I took the bandage off so he wouldn’t chew it, and so it could get air. He couldn’t walk on it in the crate. I don’t know if he licked it (probably), but it looked worse this morning. Now there is tissue swelling out of the split, and there wasn’t yesterday. I put more Polysporin on and bandaged it again for all of today. I just checked it, and it still looks kind of gnarly. I’m including links to 2 pictures, and I’d like advice! Sunny has a vet appointment on May 13th, for a routine heart-worm checkup. I’m hoping we can wait until then to get his paw looked at, because we really can’t afford two vet visits within 5 days of each other, unless it’s an emergency. So I need opinions! Does it look like we can wait until the 13th? Anything else I should do for it? Thanks!

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    8 Responses to “I need advice on my dog's cut paw! Please see pictures and details!?”

    1. :) says:

      I’d schedule it earlier…….and just have the heartworm and stuff done the earlier appointment day 🙂 it should be fine for a few more days…but i’d schedule it as soon as you can. keep it bandaged and keep it clean

    2. Gabmom says:

      Wow…I’ve had dogs that cut their pads before, but not that deep. At least it didn’t look like that. I’m concerned about how close it is to the nail, however. If he can walk on it and isn’t licking it obsessively, than I would think you could ride out those five days. You’ve already called the vet, so you’ve done the right thing. Now it is just a matter of watching it to see if it gets worse in the next few days. Dogs are way more resilient than we think, especially puppies. I’ve panicked way more often than was necessary, but when its our baby, it is hard not to. It does not look infected, just gnarly, like you said. Watch the swelling too, if it gets worse take him in, and ask if they can do his heart worm too since you are there. Good luck & try to rest easy.

    3. Dale A says:

      I’d be trying to move up the appointment for the heartworm check up. This looks like it needs stitching, the sooner the better.

      I’m surprised your vet recommended bandaging it. You can do a lot of damage with a poorly applied bandage (in terms of cutting off the circulation and causing swelling).

      Cut pads can take quite a while to heal properly, you’re going to have to keep him from licking at it for the next several weeks. He’ll likely need to wear an elizabethan collar (aka cone) until it heals over (once they stitch it)

    4. BC eyes herd ewes! says:

      I know it might not be, but I was reading a magazine and a dog had cancer and had something like that on it’s foot. Talk to the vet over the phone if you can’t right now.

    5. Nelly R says:

      i would clean it everyday put a cone on him bandage it and try to make him walk as little as possible

    6. nikki says:

      Yikes. Im not a vet but I hang out at the vets office. the 13th is only 5 days. Unless it gets worse, I think he should be fine. Bandage it up and make sure he isnt licking it or else it will never get better. My dog got the skin cut off his front leg before we got him and he was licking it constantly then we bandaged it up with some vet wrap and he was better within a week or two

    7. meaghan says:

      owwie!! poor baby. My dog has cut his paw but not the pad before. I kept it clean with hydrogen peroxide and neosporin and wraped it with that self sticking bandage, you can find it at cvs. then put a baby sock over it to pad it a little.

    8. life is great in southampton uk says:

      If it was me i would take the dog to the vet and not wait but that is me

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