I have recently taken in an older female shepard mix?

She is familiar with my "established" pets from outtings,hiking trips and we have all lived together before ( for about a month ). My friend took sick so i took her in. The problem is about 2 weeks after she was here she started urinating on a brand new rug ( no previous accidents ) and I have a doggie door. I have read up on separation anxiety and marking, but I don’t think that’s the problem. Any other ideas would be appreciated

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3 Responses to “I have recently taken in an older female shepard mix?”

  1. dolly says:

    Is she kennel trained? How old is she? It could be anything from a medical problem to a mental issue. With a clear health check from the vet I’d say you can go ahead and kennel train her, start her from the begininng as if you were potty training a pup. Once she is accident free you can begin to leave her loose.

  2. Clueless says:

    you need to walk her out side with a lease. and put news paper on a tile floor for now till she gets to know the area and you.

  3. Laya CMDW BELIEVER says:

    UTI. Vet check. Take a sample of her urine to the vet. And, she may be in an anxious state whether you think so or not. I have pet sat for many of my friends dogs that are familiar with my pack but they have had accidents.

    You said the problem started about 2 weeks after she was here. That means you have had her for more than 2 weeks. She probably misses
    her family. Be patient with her. And remove the rug for now.

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