I have a pregnant Rottweiler and both of her back feet a a little swelled.?

She doesn’t act like she is in any pain and she is walking around just fine but she is licking her feet and the bottoms and between the pads and they are getting red and on the top of one it looks a little raw so I put some antibiotic ointment on it. I was wondering if anyone know what may cause the swelling. She is in a clean environment. I clean her kennel out every day and put fresh blankets in her dog igloo 3 times a week and she gets a bath every week and she has no fleas or ticks on her. So I just don’t know what could be the problem. Now before everyone starts yelling to take her to the vet which I am going to do today when its time for her appointment.
Before she has pregnant I used bleachy water, but when she got pregnant I starting using half a cup of bleach in about 3 gallons of water. She isn’t ever in her kennel when I do this. I rinse it very well and she doesnt go back in until it is completely dry.

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One Response to “I have a pregnant Rottweiler and both of her back feet a a little swelled.?”

  1. fruitcake says:

    you are on the right track with getting a vets appointment, now when you clean down her kennel what are you using in the water as it could be causing an allergic reaction, a dogs body chemicals can change when they are pregnant and become more sensitive to chemicals that you have always used safely if you are using bleach or disinfectant you will have to stop, but it does sound like something is causing the reaction in her paws, it might be worth mentioning any products you are using in her kennel to your vet later so he will be able to treat it better best of luck honey hope your dog gets better

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