I have a 6 month old English Bulldog pup who refuses to be housebroken, what can I do?he's ruining everything!

This dog pees everywhere, and we just got him to where he stopped pooping and now he just pees all the time. We just got a new place and he’s peed more times than I can remember, I have a house training crate, but as soon as I open it to take him out he pees! What can I do short of shipping his a$$ off to a rescue, I’m at wits end? I don’t mean to be harsh, but I’ve had 3 other dogs, and all were trained within 2 months of purchasing them. This dog holds his pee long enough till you come and take him out, then he pees as soon as he steps out of the cage, and sometimes sooner. We have to take him out almost every 30 minutes to keep him and his kennel dry! Isn’t this unusual? Besides, he will pee, then lay back down in it?! Help! Sorry this is so long!
Really though, his vet says he’s fine, and she keeps saying it will take time, but isn’t 6 months plenty of time? I heard that bulldogs are stubborn, maybe that is is problem, we used to let him out and roam freely, but then he just kept peeing so now we only let him out under close supervsion and when he’s going out for a walk.

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14 Responses to “I have a 6 month old English Bulldog pup who refuses to be housebroken, what can I do?he's ruining everything!”

  1. sparks2228 says:

    well my english bulldogwould do that. I put news paper in the cage and when I would let him out when I got home I would put paper down by the door he is now hous broken. If you do decide to get rid of him please im me and let me know I would take him

  2. monalisa says:

    call your pet smart, they have lessons to train dogs, for free

  3. plynn_03 says:

    Ask the vet to check him for bladder or kidney infection.He might not be able to hold it.

  4. bhwth says:

    Neuter him. His is most likely marking his territory. Male dogs are harder to break than females. Also, try only giving him water certain times a day (not any less that what he needs) and take him out 30 min after he drinks.

  5. friddy says:

    Take him to obidient class.

  6. doldaggabuzzbuzz says:

    Since you’ve already had him to the vet, and assuming all applicable tests were provided, I will say this:

    Yes, bulldogs *can* be harder to train than other dogs. And sometimes male dogs are harder to train than females. It doesn’t sound like he is marking. It just sounds like maybe he’s still having a little trouble holding it. Do you scold him when he does it? That can actually make the problem worse. He may urinate uncontrollably out of anxiety or fear of being reprimanded over urinating! *Did that make sense?* (Also, this may be less of a problem if you have him neutered while he’s still a pup.)

    Anyway, keep taking him directly out the door, even if he does pee when you pick him up. Just start picking him up with a towel over your arm, just in case. Do not scold him, just clean it up. Make sure his crate is always clean when he is in it. He will eventually learn to keep it that way.

    My Bulldog is 4 years old, and she will *still*, once in a great while, refuse to poop outside at bedtime and go in her crate overnight. I just let out a big sigh, let her outside, and go clean it up. It’s all part of living with dogs, and I wouldn’t be able to live without them. Patience is definitely a virtue…

    Best of luck to you!

    Edit: By the way, the old trick of making them learn not to lay in it *may* not work with your bulldog. They don’t always seem to mind it quite as much as other dogs do…

  7. samsterz89 says:

    Don’t let him out of the crate, pick him up and carrry him outside. Remember he’s a puppy and he has a small bladder, so it’s very hard to hold it in all day. I’m going through this with my labrador too, you also need to make the cage small, so he has no choice BUT to lay in it if he has an accident. He will figure out that he doesn’t want to do that anymore and he will stop doing it in his cage. Also, I find training classes at places like PetSmart very helpful. I hope this helps, and if you do decide to give him away please find a shelter that does not euthanize! : )

  8. myqueent says:

    Yes this does sound frustrating but since he is 6 months old, it does make it harder to cure him of this habit. I would recommend that he is taken to the vet to make sure that there are not any medical problems that could be causing this. If that all comes back clear then you could try picking him up and not letting him walk out of the crate and carry him right outside to where you want him to pee and make sure it is the same place everytime so he can associate that place with urination. If he gets excitable when he sees someone then the best thing to do is to ignore him when you approach the crate so he doesnt pee from excitement. Try to only make a fuss over him when it is play time and remember to take him outside to poop approximately 30 mins after he has had something to eat and dont feed him people food and make sure he is on a feeding schedule. Hope some of this helps.

  9. Dog Mama says:

    You REALLY should take him to the vet to see if there is an underlying medical condition. My youngest setter had an Urinary track infection and had to pee almost every 10 minutes. Go to the Vet first, then decide if you have a problem dog or just a medical condition.

  10. mah says:

    Call your vet and ask him or her if they know of a dog trainer, in your area. They should be able to help you figure out what’s going on with your dog, Maybe even the vet will know what you can do. But, try to get expert help

  11. texasgal_n_ga says:

    Put newspapers at the bottom of his kennel, that way it will be easier to clean. Just keep him in there, if you keep letting him out to go to the bathroom that often, he will know he has you wrapped around his little tail. =) Whenever I’m home all day, I take my dog out every 3-4 hours, but he can last as long as 9 hours w/o going. Or you can consider taking him to a doggy camp at Petsmart where they can teach them to house train (At least I think they have classes like that…i’d call your local one and ask them what they recommend). Also, they do have those training pads available that you can put down on your floors, they are scented to where the puppy will go on them I guess….i’ve never used them, but couldn’t hurt to try! =) Good luck!!

  12. a_sexualasianangel says:

    Yikes! He has issues. I was going to say crate train him, but obviously that isn’t working. Speak to your vet about it.

  13. jaybird says:

    Get him neutered. He might be marking his territory.

    Minimally have the vet look at him in case it is a bladder infection or something.

  14. martinamagrace says:

    HERE IS THE SAD STORY. My friends have Bulldogs. She said they are really not housebroke until they are about 3 (YES 3) years old. She has a male that every time they go over to her mother’s house he runs, jumps on her mom’s couch and pees all over it. He does the same thing in their own home. He is close to 3 now and still goes in the house. She has never been able to leash train him. They are all stubborn, nasty dogs. As she said, maybe if her and her husband didn’t have to work, they could spend more time training. I told her it would be a waste of time. Male or female are all the same. They are all neutered or spayed.

    Some dogs just can’t be trained. I love Cesar Millan, but not all dogs are trainable………………………If you are not enjoying this dog I would find it a home. Because if you are not happy, the dog can feel it and that won’t help his behavior any either.

    Next time you get a dog, do more research and talk to people that already have the breed. It’s a lot of time and work, but it’s worth it. This is like adopting a child.

    I just read this over. I see where I said Bulldogs were nasty and stubborn. PLEASE, don’t everyone get mad at me. I am sure there are people out there that think Maltese are nasty or whatever too. It’s just personal experience.

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