i have 4 dogs 2 males got in a fight and one dog got bit on the pad of his foot its kinda a rip home remedy?

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    10 Responses to “i have 4 dogs 2 males got in a fight and one dog got bit on the pad of his foot its kinda a rip home remedy?”

    1. vam03 says:

      My dog had both of his back paws ripped, like a slice. I took him to the vet and all they did was put antibiotics on his pads put some gauze really thick like padding on the bottom side of hie foot and wrapped them with that self adhering bandage, and some of that white tape to hold it in place right under where the back paw bends. You can get that bandage at petco. My dog had his on for about 5 days. He still has the slices there but the vet sais his paw is healed. Maybe they will mend together maybe not. We’ll see. Good Luck!

    2. Jenny says:

      Clean the wound with soap and water, put bacitracin and wrap it to keep germs out and call your Vet to have it looked at.

    3. Seeking Intelligence says:

      Go to the vet to make sure it doesn’t need any stitches. My dog once cut his pad open on his foot.The Veterinarian gave him antibiotics covered it with some gauze and put an e-collar on him (so he couldn’t pick at it). He was like this for about two weeks.

      Make sure you clean it out and so on, but I would consider taking him to the vet to make sure it doesn’t need stitches or hit any nerves that can be a permanent problem. Good luck.

    4. random_nomad says:

      if the vet it.COMPLETELY out of the picture then try and put some dissinfectants on it and leave it..

    5. dcrc93 says:

      put antibotic cream on it and if they will leave it on a bandage or cloth wrap
      if they wont leave it alone you might have to cut the center out of a bowl and put it over there head so they cant lick it or bite at it

    6. Kayley M says:

      Call the vet. You may want to wrap the pad in a cloth until though.

    7. Q-mama says:

      No home remedy. Vet and stitches. Foot injuries must be tended to correctly as they are quite prone to infection–dogs walk on everything barefoot remember. And if a pad injury worsens he could have serious problems. Get it looked at by a vet.

    8. Cathy P says:

      Vet NOW! And get some expert training for your dogs.

    9. Meggy Jo says:

      Here is a good home remedy.
      Get in your car and go to the vet.

    10. dorothy s says:

      What is a rip home remedy.I would like to answer your question if I knew what it was. Take your dog to the vet, he may understand.

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