i had a dream, whats does it mean?

I keep having strange dreams. Can someone please tell me what they mean??
Ok the first one was i was at work and i wet myself in front of my boss and she was being really sympathetic.
the next one was i was cheating on my husband at work with nicholas cage !!?? i dont even fancy him
another was that i accidentally cut off one of my dogs paws by accident…at work again!
and the one i had last night was that i had a bad car crash on my way to….you guessed it….work. I love my job and dont know why work is involved in all of these bad dreams! i work at a kennels and cattery and i do 38 hours a week. any answers?
Can I just make it clear that I dont cheat on my husband and never have, and dont have any desire to AT ALL as i love him very much. I felt quite guilty when I woke up!

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10 Responses to “i had a dream, whats does it mean?”

  1. CJC says:

    You are feeling inferior, even if you do like your job. You may not feel up to the challenge. Wetting yourself is a dream of insecurity, cheating indicates a feeling of unworthiness or deception of yourself, (not spouse), and hurting the animals may or may not indicate, as Gma joan says, loyalty issues. Perhaps not being loyal to yourself? A car crash on the way to work emphasizes your subconscious anxiety about this issue. Re-evaluate your true feelings about all aspects of the job. You may love the actual job, but not some important aspect of it. Could even be as remotely related as leaving your kids at home in order to go to this great job. Something of that nature. ALL aspects of the job (and its effect on your life) must be considered.

  2. Shelly R says:

    A lot of the time dreams represent the opposite of how you really feel. Maybe your job is the most stable thing in your life, and you keep going back to that.

  3. Willowmeana says:

    Lol..Nicholas Cage? XD!!
    Anyways. Perhaps your work is stressing you out more then you realize. You wet yourself infront of your boss, I am thinking this symbolizes she intimidates you a bit. Perhaps she does, but its out of admiration that this intimidation comes from. In other words, you get nervous infront of your boss because you admire her? Tell me if I got this right. (lol I have no clue this is all just what I am gathering.)
    The dream about cheating on your husband with…lol…Nicholas Cage. Perhaps your sexually curious. Perhaps you and your husband need to get more intimate in the bed, and explore sexually. You were at work with Nicholas Cage to symbolize you want to really stretch your limits. Perhaps your are just bored with the same old sex routine with your husband.
    Cutting off your dogs paw on accident at work. Do you take your dog to work with you? Perhaps your dog chewed on a pillow or the sofa and your a bit angry with him/her?
    Ah. A car accident. usually when you dream of getting into a vehicular accident usually means your holding on to stress and anxieties. Are you stressing over things at home? Not a twork perhaps, but maybe your husband, your friends or fininaical things, or family issues are stressing you out. Your "driving" your self too hard and your subconcious is telling you "your losing control of yourself." Try taking a bubble bath tonight at home and relax a bit yah?
    Blessed Be

  4. 428 Moore says:

    Clearly you love both work and your home life and have deep-seated anxiety about losing one or both. Wetting yourself, but receiving empathy from your boss, is an example. There’s an almost loving collegial atmosphere among supervision and staff and you fear you’ll somehow screw that up. Having an office affair is another example. One of the surest ways of getting into trouble is mixing business with pleasure. Good luck.

  5. Jen says:

    I’d guess that there have been a lot of problems at home and work seems to be your sanctuary, you feel safe there and people can relate to your problems there too, while your husband may not be so understanding. Maybe your husband doesn’t approve of your job for some reason or another and the "cutting of the dogs paw" means a sense of impending seperation? (Either from your husband or your job…)

  6. sgog says:

    you are forgetting yourself and just managing, keep cool Almighty is always there do not worry, you are on His World. Maximum the belief better the result. Just try and let me know.

  7. S.B. Noone says:

    I’ll hazard a guess…
    Maybe you are putting work ahead of everything else?
    Could be a reason it would feature so prominently all your dreams.

  8. kewlcatz says:

    i once had a dream where there was this big biker dude and he had a chain saw and he was cutting up beaver tht were dressed like ma’s and pa’s it was wierd and i had a dream where there was a hooters girl that was kidnapping me and my family and she threw a bowling ball at my head and i woke up to a head ache. as for you i don’t know, but your not the only one!

  9. Level 3 Starbucks says:

    Maybe because you care too much about animals. And animals don’t have a fixed partner so that’s why i think you were with nicholas cage. cutting paws by accident it meants you mustn’t cheat on your husband any more, or something might happen to your marriage. And if it does, more terrible thing will come if you didn’t stop( that is the accident). i hope this helps. keep posting if you still have any other dream. i will try my best to solve them. with best regard.

  10. Gma Joan says:

    Dreaming about wetting oneself at work are similar to "naked dreams" it represents a lack of control in your life. You are experiencing a lot of anxieties. You may be concerned with not being accepted because of your beliefs or behaviors. Urinating in fromt of your boss might indicate insecurities or feelings of inferiority at your job. Alternatively it may mean intimidation by any authority figure and frustrations that you are being controlled and and not able to express yourself. Your boss’s acceptance is your unconcious mind telling you "it’s ok, don’t worry".

    Are you coming up to an advancement at work or new responsibilities and are afraid or unsure about it? Believe it or not having sex in a dream with an actor symbolizes your new "role" you might be taking and it relates to the new responsibilies that you will be taking on and the uncertainty that that may bring.

    Dogs signify skills and intuition also a sense of loyalty and dependability. Cutting off your dogs paw at work signifies that you may have lost your ability to balance aspects of your life. You may be hesitant in approaching a new situation or have no desire to move forward with your goals. A car crash dream usually means that you feel like your life is a wreck. Look at how the car crash occured in the dream. Did another car hit yours? Was there ice or water on a highway? What leads up to the crash is usually a good indicator of how you are perceiving what is occuring in your life. If someone else hit your car you may feel the a situation is ‘not your fault’

    These themes may or may not concern you. Think about what you are dealing with at work and the relationship you have with your boss and other authority figures and see what they mean to you.

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