I am rescuing a dog and have some general questions…?

I am adopting a 1 1/2 year old boxer/lab mix, she is so cute…I am getting her with full vaccinations and she will be spayed…I am obviously going to take her to the vet but want to wait a couple of weeks so she doesnt get upset with me, also the rescue center said it may take 2 weeks to get me all her records…We do alot outdoors and I was wondering if I can just get a flea tick heartworm pill at a petstore or need to have a vet write a prescription…This is my first dog on my own I grew up woth dogs but my parents did all the leg work… I am getting her a crate, bed, bowls, food, toys, wee-wee pads(just in case she has seperation anxziety from her foster) a leash and a collar… Am i missing anything? Also any advice would be appreciated…I get her Saturday and cant wait!!!
i found out her favorite toys and what type of food she likes, Nutro Natural Choice is this good stuff?

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  1. fearfuldogs.com says:

    If the dog shows any shyness or fear issues visit this site to learn how to work with her.


  2. abbacchus says:

    I got a rescue dog ( best thing ever!!! ) and even though she was altered and up to date on her shots, she had stomach parasites (common in dogs). It took two doses of medicine to clear it up, and now she is great. I would just bring her to the vets as soon as you get her and have them look her over to make sure everything is okay. You would do that if you were bringing home a young puppy. She won’t be mad at you – she’ll love you for it. If I had waited, it would have been two more weeks with parasites…
    Search online and compare dog foods. The better quality dog food seems more expensive, but it’s more filling and they eat less of it – they won’t eat their own poop because they are not hungry (from experience…). Feed her twice a day to avoid bloat that is common in labs, and if you do decide to change her dog food, do it gradually, so she doesn’t get the runs…
    Best of luck, have fun!

  3. gentleannie says:

    Congratulations!! I wish you all the best, be patient with her, all mine have been adopted, some knew they were in their forever home right away, some looked around and looked like, OK what bad thing is going to happen know, they all turned out great, you may not need the crate, but you do what you think is best, mine cried from day one when I put them in, they were out and never went back in, I guess I’m lucky I never need it, they were fine, OK flea and tick med., pet store stuff is a waste of money and can be dangerous, I get frontline from the Vet, the amt. will go by the weight of the dog, very few reactions to it, it does not go into the blood stream, my dogs don’t stay outside much and unless their in my fenced yard are not off a leash so they don’t get into allot of bushes and such, my greyhounds can get away with 1 treatment for the whole summer, the Lab does shove her face into every bush and rolls around the park even on leash, so she gets it every month because of ticks, if I were you I would go to the Vet right away, I always bring them for a check the Vet might find something the rescue missed, you can bring the papers later and when he sees the papers he can suggest if he thinks she will need anything else, this can be his way of meeting her and not doing anything to her so she won’t associate him with pain, also do bring a stool sample, shots don’t take care of worms, and ask if she’s been tested for heartworm, because there is a pill that some people give only in the summer mine are on it all year because It takes care of other parisites and worms that can be picked up pretty easy from other dogs and you know how dogs sniff when they walk, that the best part of the walk for them, but it can’t be given if the dog isn’t tested, if that is done and there are heartworms it can kill your dog, I give mine interceptor, just put it in the food it tastes like a treat to them. Good Luck and thank you for adopting, I think you’ll find it very rewarding

  4. odylicast says:

    Congrat on the new puppy. First i woudl take her to get her checked over by your vet right away. its not as if she is getting shots or has anything that you know of wrong with her. So it woudl just be an inital check up and so she can relate going to the vet of your choice with good things. if they are doing all her Vaccination they shoudl also being doing a blood draw to check for heartworm once that is clear you will be able to give her hearworm medicine which is different from flea / tick stuff. As tip when you out that on her be sure she has no collar on and the crate has bare floor for a night. put some right between her shoulder blade under her fur right on the skin and then do the same between her back legs. you can get that at the petstore or at the vets office, they can tell you what to watch to be sure you’re dog does’t have an adverse reaction to it as well. Again good luck with the new puppy. Have fun !!!

  5. rjn529 says:

    Thank you for adopting.

    For the medications, heartworm definitely should wait until the vet can check her for heartworm. the preventative can create major problems if given to the dog and she has heartworm.

    Flea and tick – no problem from a pet supplies store.

    Also, don’t use the pads – they will encourage the dog that it’s okay to go potty in the house, and she may eventually decide it’s okay to go anywhere in the house, not just on the pads. Instead, get her on a walking and feeding schedule, have a specific place in the yard that is her "potty spot", and always take her to the same spot for potty. When she goes where she should, a lot of praise, and the occasional cookie.

    Both these breeds are very energetic dogs, so make sure she has adequate exercise, long walks and time with you – the closer the bond between you, the easier it will be. Also, you may want to check into local obedience classes. Regardless of her past training, if any, basic obedience classes are great for reinforcing the partnership between you and your dog. Just make sure the class uses some type of positive reinforcement (not necessarily treats, but praise and a happy atmosphere for training as opposed to heavy handed corrections).

    Congrats on your new addition!

  6. rbrt_hmmr says:

    you can buy heart and worming pills from places such as wal-mart, as for food and water bowls it is best to use the stainless steel varity as they are non poress and do not absorb bacterial growth as quickly as plastic bowls..do to the type of dog i hope you have plenty of yard as lab or lab mixes reguire lots of excercise space…and some treats such as rawhide bones are not good for degiestive track and can also cause choking,along with other problems….good luck with your new family member

  7. PRIME says:

    Hey good to hear that you are getting a friend but remember tthat its a huge responsibility, You seem to have bought all the stuff but check with the vet that wht food diet is she on, You will need to give her a lot of attention in the begining to get the anxiety out of the way. Do not keep touching her , keep talking to her on her first day donot pet her on her head take some time then show her her limitations. You do get the flea tick heartworm pills at pet store awithout any prescription. but just check before giving any pills with the vet to save from later problems and have a nice time with ur frnd and good luck..cheers

  8. Nana64 says:

    Since heartworm preventative and flea treatment is administered monthly, she should have had her treatments for May when you pick her up, especially coming from a rescue group. When you take her to your vet, he/she will recommend appropriate on-going treatments. Over the counter flea treatments will be temporary at best.

    I work with a local rescue group and I am so glad you have chosen to give a rescued dog a forever home. The love and devotion that you will receive in return will be immeasurable.

  9. DangerB says:

    I don’t know if your vet does this, but ours allows customers to walk up to the counter with NO appointment, no checkup, no papers, to purchase products like FRONTLINE and other flea/tick stuff. You can buy stuff for worms at the local pet store… maybe petsmart if you have one near you?

  10. letthereberain says:

    You can get flea medicine from petco, petsmart, online… The brands at Wal-Mart or Target are basically crap.
    The heartworm pills are prescribed so you’ll have to wait on those.
    Don’t take her out too soon, because of her being spayed, that will take about 2 weeks to heal, and then after the 2 weeks you should make a vet appt to see how the stitches are healing and you could get the heartworm meds there.
    Good luck! Have fun!

  11. art_flood says:

    boxers are hyper dogs and they need a ton of exercise, so get ready to go running, walking a lot.

  12. mra9a says:

    You don’t need the pee pads. If she’s fully vaccinated, house train her by taking her outside every hour or so and make a really big deal when she pees outside. Put her crate in your room so she’ll be able to sleep with her "pack" at night.

    Also, heartworm medication (like Heartgard) is prescription, so you either get it at your vet or have your vet write a prescription and buy it online.

    Thanks for adopting 🙂 and good luck!

  13. Shelly B says:

    yes.. you can just get a flea/tick treatment from the vet with no perscription. Frontline is what I’ve found most vets recommend….

    my opinion…forget the wee wee pads..and this accomplishes is teaching the dog that it’s ok to potty in the house!!

    I would suggest asking the foster ahead of time what kind of food she eats..as a change in food will likely cause diahrrea….

  14. animalvr101 says:

    you sound like a great dog owner you can buy heartworm and flea pills at a store but some aren’t good i recomend heargaurt plus

  15. truenorth675 says:

    Heartworm tabs are a prescription

    Boxer/lab mix? Get ready for exercise. Run her ’til her tail falls off.

    Have fun.

  16. melissa k says:

    Heartworm preventative is only available via prescription following a negative test for the disease from the shelter vets (assuming they do this – otherwise she needs to be tested by your vet).

    Sounds like you have everything on your list that you will need. I do highly recommend Kong and Busy Buddy toys. And, if you think there might be some anxiety, get a Comfort Zone diffuser to help her relax and adjust more quickly.

    And don’t forget to register for a training class asap!

    I’ll ditto what others said about the pee pads. If she does eliminate in the house due to anxiety, she probably isn’t going to go on the pads – that requires too much focus for a dog that is panicking. It’s more likely that she will just shred them.

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