How would you annoy your neighbor?

A friend of mine is in the middle of a sh*tstorm = severe health problems for a couple of months, potential blindness, financial crisis, and you-name-it.
Her "neighbor", during this time, has called the cops on her numerous times, reporting her dog running loose, which was a complete lie, as her dog was kennelled the entire time. Finally, during her latest convalescence, the neighbor called again (dog was in the house the entire time), and now she has had to give up her dog.
Also, the neighbor has reported her vehicle for blight, which equals not moving it for 48 hours (tough to do when you’re laid up).
She is not a vindictive person, but went to talk to them today, and in spite of the fact that she was simply requesting that they give her some peace, they told her they would continue to report her every time she ‘broke the law’.
She’s thinking about laying a few fish under their shrubberies come spring – any other delightful ideas?
It’s got to be easy and nearly free, annoying but not illegal or damaging to property.

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13 Responses to “How would you annoy your neighbor?”

  1. WealthManagement81 says:

    First, it might be a good idea to find out what these people have a problem with, and why they are so bored that they are spying on this poor person just waiting to report her? They obviously have issues with something, and I would hesitate to start a war with them considering they will be living by each other for a long time.

    The best thing to do, would be to get a lawyer or some legal advice as to what her options are……because resorting to teenage vengeance only creates more problems in the long run.

    (she may want to be keeping records of what’s going on just in case.)

  2. lynapow says:

    If you know this is all lies than step up. Call the dog catcher and talk to them. Tell them what you know and try to help her keep the dog. Go to the police and to to the Chief, explain what you know and maybe he will help. Go to your neighbor and tell her you will move her car as needed. Being her friend will make her feel much better.

  3. Anna Nonamous says:

    Put kittens in her back yard and as soon as shes done dealing with them, put another batch in until she goes kitten crazy. LOL Kill her with cute πŸ™‚

  4. cardimom says:

    Make sure to wipe all finger prints–your neighbor may want to talk to the police about her side of things, or maybe you could help with that, sooo sorry she had to give up her dog–But if the dog was kenneled the whole time wouldn’t the police notice that when they came to check things out? She could complain of their harassment and maybe stalking if they are paying That close attention to her. If her problems are severe maybe you could help her get an advocate or legal aid. If she isn’t breaking the law her neighbors should not be allowed to punish her. Maybe she needs some social services help or support?

  5. Monty says:

    Maybe your friend should talk with a lawyer on how to get these neighbors to stop this.

    If your friend does things to annoy that neighbor, things will only get worse. She could have an all out war on her hands. And with all her other problems, that could be really awful!

  6. . says:

    this site ahs everything to annoy people, u name it.

  7. bjohn4693 says:

    Operation stick it to the Neighbor 2009 !
    #1,get her phone # and everywhere you go write it on the wall of a public restroom stall. For a Good Time Call…..use your imagination.For an extra good time call this number after midnight .
    #2, If you go to a store that sell magazines or a friends house check their magazines and get and fill out those subscription cards and fill them out using her name.
    #3,Call different stores and ask them to come out for a estimate on flooring,a new water heater ,kitchen cabinets etc…. use her name and address.
    Note: the object is to bombard her with the same harassment as she’s doing to your friend but more.
    #4, Call the county code enforcement dept. and report her for illegal home violations.
    #5, Call the Health dept. and report a terrible odor that’s coming from her property.
    Note: Put her on the defensive.
    Time to go to the next level?
    Call and cancel her daily newspaper.
    Call and cancel her Cable service
    Call and cancel her electric

    Get the idea ?
    People like her seem to back off when they find out that you Bite Back. She is nothing more than a Bully.

  8. XxHEARTBROKENxX says:

    Too bad about the illegal or destruction of property part cuz i got a few
    1) take a ping-pong ball cut a TINY hole in it and fill it with powdered chlorine, duck tape it closed and drop it in their gas tank, when the car warms up… lets say they’ll have a hole where the engine used to be πŸ™‚
    Or when there not home nail the doors shut, i did it to my best friend and it was hilarious, use small roofing nails, and they’ll never see them, and blame it on some hooligan kids πŸ™‚ then sit back and enjoy

  9. stargurl says:

    how rude! people can be so mean. tell her to call the police on them! if they can make stuff up about her, then she can do the same.
    she should throw old fruit over the fence. or have to-go food/pizza delivered to their house. or send a male stripper over there! or better yet, send a hooker there and call the cops when she gets there so the cops can see that!
    or if they have a dog in their back yard, she should feed it bad stuff (haha, i have no idea what).
    hope your friend gets better!

  10. ear wax says:

    stick their garden hose in their window in the middle of the night and turn it on and run away

  11. justanotherrodeogirl says:

    find out if you have a noise ord. if so dont do it if not find some music they hate and turn it on durring the day time

    have her decorate her house in some weird flags like from a car lot that are mulit colored trust me at night if its windy you can not get that noise out of your head.

    or have y our friend kill the neighbors with kindness tell her to take cookies and goodies over and send random thank you notes like thanks for calling the cops on me i didnt know my dogs were outside they must be super heros due to they were in my house all day wow might have doggie twins in town

    if they have people over have your friend go outside in pjs and get a hammer nails and some 2 by 4s and just hit some nails

    and have her call on her neighbors all the time she can hell call to say she saw people running around her house or have her call the neighbors and say hello its me jane you have someone running around your house u better catch them t hink they might be robbing you

    or sprinkle cat food in her yard at night so weird animals can start to come around an poop in her yard

  12. unknown says:

    put some meat in her hub caps. when it rots it will smell up the air conditioning. or put it under the porch or something

    man if someone got one of my dogs taken from me, id do anything.

  13. Jack says:

    Where is this? This sounds like a form of harassment. Have her contact a lawyer. Those who don’t know their rights don’t have any. Bullies will do whatever they can get away with.

    Getting even isn’t the answer. Revenge is not the answer. Self-defense is always appropriate. What kind of law requires a vehicle to be moved? Whatever happened to walking short distances and using a vehicle when actually needed?

    If she has proof that her dogs were in a kennel, then that would show that her neighbors were bringing false accusation. Falsely calling police is illegal.

    Really does sound like bullying.

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