How to train your dog fast RSS Feed Videos Articles Blogs Overview: How to potty train a dog? Dog owners find potty training as one of the difficult tasks under dog training. It is said that half of the dog owners buy books on potty training before bringing the dog home. This really sounds funny to me! Potty training is basically one of the things that the dog owners have to compromise while making their dogs learn about it. There are basically three methods for dog potty training and they are: • Crating, • Paper training and • Clicker training Firstly, you need to understand that your dog also loves to get separate place for sleeping, eating and relaxing. This is why you introduce a crate to him. Dog usually loves their crates as all animals are not lucky to find a special place for dinner and bed! So, initially you have to introduce your dog to the crate by treating it inside the crate all the time. This will make the dog learn about his eating space and it will not soil over that area for sure. This is basically a proven theory that dogs never soils in their eating or resting area. Now the main question is, how to potty train a dog! You can start the potty training by appreciating him by using the words like, ‘Good Potty’, “Hurry Up’, etc. These kinds of phrases should be repeatedly use while taking him out for a morning walk so that it learns to perform potty during such specific period in the day time. This will help your house to remain clean and neat as your dog learns to perform potty in the

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