How to train dog to pee on pee pad?

I have a 7 year old pom who is trained to pee outside but i now live in an apartment and i have to leave her in my room when im at work because she barks to much and she pees on the carpet.. how can i train her to pee on a peemat or to wait for me to get home?

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  13. SifuWuLung says:

    There are so many ways to get her to stop peeing inside. Its not easy with an older dog. If she was outside all the time prior to the new apartment life she could go potty any time she had to, so her bladder is not conditioned to hold it for a long time. But with some work and patience you can help her. First get a good bacteria / enzyme solution to neutralize and remove stains and oder ( I have great success with Simple Solution) you can find a variety of Pet and Human safe solutions at your major pet supply chains. This will help get rid of the scent triggers and help freshen up your room. Next take her out right before you leave and reward her efforts with praise , treats, etc. If possible make a trip home if its close at lunch time and take her out, again with praise. If you can’t maybe someone you know could do it for a short time until she gets conditioned. When you come home after work don’t take her out right away, take a few minutes to put your things down etc. not to long but just so she doesn’t get excited and in the mind set of "pee now!" When she did good and didn’t pee inside, make a big deal of "Good Girl….no bad potty!" pet her and praise her then say ok lets go good potty outside! and get her out the door. Emphasize "Good Potty" "Bad Potty" she will want to please and will hopefully catch on. If she did go inside don’t yell just give disapproval with no praise and say "Is that Bad Potty?" and then say lets go outside for "Good Potty" I know this sounds silly but it has worked several times for me and others I have helped. Its not guaranteed, but just one technique. Also when you are home don’t let her have free pee on the range control. You decide that its time to go, this will help her to hold it also. Be attentive for when she really needs to go, just like us sometimes you got to pee NOW! lol But always remember to praise and reward the good behavior, It sounds like she is not going because of her age , but because of the long wait time, but also check with her vet. to make sure she is not peeing inside because of age or ailment. Don’t forget don’t fill her up with food and water just before you leave. give her at least 20 mins to 1/2 hr after she eats before you take her out before you leave and give her at least ten minutes outside to pee and mark. Like I said this isn’t the only answer, just one that I have had success with. I hope this helps! ~Ray

  14. Everett says:

    Hanna Saunders,

    First off, get rid of them pee-pads. When you use them, you’re telling your dog, it is okay to potty in the house! No – dog should potty in the house! Even feral canines know better than to soil in their den.

    Dogs are great at following schedules and you need to set one up with your dog. I am going to teach you something that a lot of dog owners and trainers don’t know. You need to tell your dog that you’re going to be gone for a period of time. Considering she has been trained to potty outside, she’ll be easy to train. Here is what you do. Get her attention, place your open palm in her face and say, "BYE!" then leave the house and stay gone for about 15 minutes. When you return, take her outside to potty. Repeat this over a 4-5 day period. Then get her attention and place your fist in her face and say, "BYE" and stay gone for an hour or two. When you return, take her outside for her potty. Repeat this for a 4-5 day period. it won’t take her long to learn that "BYE" means you’ll be gone for awhile, but will return. To help her, pick up her water bowl prior to your leaving the house to go to work. This way, she won’t have to hold her water until you get home. Dogs learn by association and it won’t take her long to adjust to your work schedule. What you taught her is that you will be home in such and such a time to take her out to potty, she will automatically contain her potty until you get home. You also need to clean up those areas she soiled with a strong discipectant to get rid of the scent. Believe me, she will adjust to your work schedule and when you come home, immediately take her outside to potty. I hope that I have been of some help to you and your dog.


  15. Charli says:

    Hi Hannah: I am a Certified Dog Behavior Expert/Trainer. Your pom is trying to tell you something. If she’s barking too much she is stressed, having separation anxiety, bored, frustrated, or all of the above. Make sure you clean your carpets with Nature’s Miracle and if you must confine her try keeping her in the kitchen behind a baby gate where she probably has more light and won’t feel so isolated. You can place a wee wee pad in there. Start doing this on the weekends when you are around. I’m sure you are aware of when she has to relieve herself, so use this to your advantage. Place a piece of her poop on the wee wee pad and hopefully this will draw her to it. If she does pee or poop on the wee wee pad, when she is finished doing her business praise her and give her a treat, do this everytime until she’s realizes that this is what you want. Do not jump for joy in the middle of it otherwise you may frighten her. Make sure she has safe bones to chew, such as Nylar bones that she only gets when you leave the apartment. Change them up so she doesn’t get bored. There are also wonderful treat balls, that you obviously fill with treats that the dogs roll around and the treats slowly drop out. Do Not give her raw hides that she may possibly choke on. Make sure you walk her for at least 30 minutes before going to work and the same when you return. Change your routine. If you have your coffee, pick up your coat and pocket book the same way every day, she already knows whats coming. So create a new routine along with the above suggestions and she should settle down. If not, please inquire about a local Certified Behavior expert. Good luck to you

  16. Almost Bulletproof Heart says:

    Put pee pads all over your apt and then little by little start only putting them in a certain spot of your apt, the dog will then know that it’s allowed to go in certain parts of your apt, but (hopefully) not everywhere. If you work long hours, you can hire a dog walker to come and let her out so she doesn’t have to pee in the house and you don’t have to waste money on pee pads.

  17. arus9441 says:

    I just trained my puppies to not use a pee pad anymore and to go outside. To show her what the pad is used for, you might need to soak up some pee on it so she can smell it. The more she associates smell with the feel and look of the pad, the more likely she will use it. Another thing that helped my dogs with not barking so much (fyi) is to walk her even for a few minutes before you leave for long periods of time to drain some of her energy, and leave a radio on in your apartment, not too loud, to drown out any outside noise that might make her go bark crazy. It seems like my dogs got used to music playing when they are supposed to calm down when I would have to leave them for hours at a time. Good luck!!

  18. Christy says:

    I just have to wonder that if your dog was already potty trained, then why are you having issues with the dog now. It sounds as if the dog wasnt trained enough in the first place. I would suggest not to train her to pee on the pee pad unless she is too elderly to hold her pee which doesnt sound like the case as most dogs will confuse this with being able to pee in the house period. If she is able to hold it without any medical restrictions then you should skip the pad and train her to pee outside. First she should be put on a strict schedule. Whether training puppy or dog, start by using this schedule.
    As soon as you wake in the morning, be sure to take the dog straight outside to the where you want her to relieve herself. Being the morning, she should go quickly. Lavish her with a lot of praise to make her know that she did a good job. Then inside it is to go eat. As soon as she is finished eating, outside again to relieve herself. Be sure to stay there until she relieves herself or she will get confused and think that she doesnt have to go. Again lavish her with a lot of praise. Seeing you work during the day, you may want to invest in a crate rather than let her wander in a whole room. This usually helps a dog to not urinate while you are away.Be sure that the crate is large enough for the dog to stand and comfortably turn around in. If you get one too big, then it will not work and she may relieve herself in the crate. Ask a pet associate to help you if unsure of what size to buy. Also you should watch her water intake as she is a small breed and small breeds have small bladders and once this fills, small dogs have a tendency to be harder to house break due to this. Remember her bladder is usually smaller than her bowl so dont let her overfill with water and water and food should also be taken up at 6 pm and no later to prevent nighttime accidents. Once you get home, straight out to the potty place again and again lavish praise on her. Then after that it should be every hour she should be taken out until you can figure out how long she can go comfortably without peeing. The less accidents in the house the better obviously. So watch for those signs such as sniffing excessively, pawing, circling, and hind end low while walking. And always clean up spots as soon as they happen and be sure to use a cleaner that will get rid of the odor so the dog can not smell it at all as to not be confused. Be strict about this schedule and soon your dog should be all set, but i would also suggest taking her to the vet to be sure there isnt a medical problem underlying also. Good luck

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