How To Potty Train A Puppy

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12 Responses to “How To Potty Train A Puppy”

  1. kpscorpio says:

    i jus got my 6mnth yr old chihuahua & likes two go in the living room..ineed seriousss help

  2. masked40 says:

    i have a problem and ened help, i have a 3 month poodle and its been like a month since we got her but she jusut doesnt learn where to pee or poo! it is winter and when i take her outside for her to pee she just shivers and doesnt do anything. but when i try and train her on the newspaper she keeps walking off of it and just wont do it. should i buy her a crate or something? or cage then area around the newpaper until she relieves herself? plz this is a big issue

  3. sikhking3 says:

    @a69a59b wtf they stick the german sheperds nose in there pee?thats not what ur spose to do

  4. Kmots118 says:

    Our problem is that our puppy Papillon was completely potty trained then he decided to refuse to do his business on the paper. If we don’t bring him out to pee he will pee anywhere in the house except the paper. How do we repotty train our 14 month old Papillon?

  5. binja100 says:

    i also have a puppy german shepherd.. How do i get your book? Thanks

  6. cmnanai says:

    Your dog is bad as mine!

  7. leyuanyou says:

    Dude , In his “never push the dog’s nose into his mess” episode, the author mentioned that if you do that, the dog thinks you are a crazy man and will never poop in front you .When you are out sight, it is the pee and poop time. You probably have done sth to make the dog think he shouldn’t poop in front of you.

  8. hansenmommyca says:

    my puppy peanut POOPS ON THE WALL! no kidding. it walks sideways dragging his butt along the wall and it sticks there. he then proceeds to EAT IT OFF THE WALL! OMG! he only goes when i’m not looking. so i have resorted to tying his leash to my belt loop so he is never more than 2 feet from me so he’ll have to go infront of me. HE HASN’T POOPED IN 2 DAYS! what do i do? HE PEES IN THE CATS LITTER BOX! which is fine he’s a chihuahua he can poop there too. but he wont. 4 hours at park still no poop!

  9. nikkitoni01 says:

    I’ll have to try that with my doggies.

  10. EllesVideoVault says:

    Haha. ^^

  11. Therapist1972 says:

    that’s a good idea. I would try that, but then my puppies would “eat” the papertowel, sigh. lol! seriously!

  12. EllesVideoVault says:

    Whenever my dog had an accident, I wiped it up with a paper towel, then used a different one to apply a spray that would prevent him from going there again.
    The I put the paper towel in the backyard. He was housebroken in less than 3 weeks.

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