how to make 2 dogs breed?

ok i know this is one of those questions people just want to be like what an idiot 2. I just brought my friends dog over and kenneled her with my dog. both small dogs. She is in heat and I kinda thought that they would be doin their thing by now but they are both at dif ends of the cage and not showin a ton of interest between the 2 of em……. Do I just wait it out?
first of all to all the jackasses out there. They are both pure breed. and mine is the male. Just not something that I have done before so get off it already. And im aware small dogs need c sections I have been through it. Being in it for the money isnt really my concern considerin im not gettin anything out of it and doin it for a friend. Some people need to stop and think before jumpin all over another person. It was a simple question. And yes to the other one. they are both registered and they are both top of their line. They both show and are both ribbon winners so I really dont care whatelse people post cause I have posted plenty of rude posts to people as well.

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25 Responses to “how to make 2 dogs breed?”

  1. ~♥ Shih Tzu lover ♥~ says:

    If they actually were both registered (with Kennel Club) and show dogs you would not need to ask about breeding and you’d have a breeding mentor.
    Stop trying to add to the already overpopulation.

  2. Juno says:

    Thank you for creating more unwanted dogs. I noticed you didn’t say the two dogs are the same breed so it wouldn’t matter if the parents were both pure bred or not. Are you and your "friend" ready to take in the puppies who are born deaf, blind, and ugly? (Ugly as in the two worst combination of the breeds.) How about the ones with genetic defects that can’t be fixed? What happens if your male dog is injured by the female because she is nervous and too young and has no proper help from her owner. A RESPONSIBLE BREEDER KNOWS ALL THIS! They are fully there to take responsibility of the puppies that do conform to the breed’s standards. They are also there to help assist in the breeding of the two animals. They don’t stick them in cage and "wait it out". Do the right thing and take your dog home and get him neutered.

  3. bassetnut says:

    If you need to ask this question here, then you don’t know anywhere near enough to be breeding dogs. Please separate those two right now.

    Please go do some serious research on responsible breeding.

  4. Chuckles <3 BORED TO THE BONE says:

    You said that you have done it before,so shouldnt you know?
    ‘Do I just wait it out?’ Hmmm…NO you take them out of the cage this instant!

    *Goes and eats breakfast so I can think better*

  5. odylicast says:

    If they are both show dogs and this is your first time breeding you really should consult the breeder that you got you dog from or where her dog came from. you need to know about their lines and such as well to make sure they will make a god match. Your best resource for this is the breeders of the stud and Dam. It sounds as if you understnad there may be complications and are prepared for it whcih is good. Talking to the breeder will help determine what to watch for to avoid problems and also when to expect ythe dam to be receptive to a male dog. You shodul also talk to your vet in regards to what to do and watch for during pregnancy and borth somethign you shoudl have also doen when you got them tested for their hips and to be sure it was safe to breed. Hopefully both the stud and dam were tested for brucellosis another very important factor as a dam with will have more complications. Good luck – Hopefully you really have done all your homework

  6. I Love my Pyr. says:

    Nope-it is a sign that there are already to many unwanted abandoned dogs and puppies in the world and they know it and don’t wish to contribute so be kind and get them fixed.

    If you can’t handle a couple of answers that don’t agree with you then don’t ask the question. The name calling is not appropriate. Just because we are being honest with you by telling you how irresponsible and heartless you are doesn’t mean we are jackasses!

  7. Ken says:

    If you on on Yahoo Answers asking about breeding of dogs, then you do not even list the breeds you are attempting to mate with one another.

    I would STRONGLY advise you to stop what you are doing, you have no clue!! Get the animals fixed, volunteer at a animal shelter so you can see firsthand what happne to animals when people do what you are attempting to do now!

  8. Jason R says:

    I have 3 pitbulls 2 female and 1 male. The male only likes 1 of the females, the other one he just plays with. If u can keep the male from the female while she is in heat. If your male isn’t all over your female then it probably won’ t happen anyways.

  9. Alesi's Chi's says:

    Wow, you’ve obviously put a great deal of thought into these "2 dogs" breeding. Well, I guess you kinda thought wrong. I suggest that you separate these dogs & then take a long, hard look at your purpose for breeding. Do you think you’re going to make money? Wrong, especially in small dogs. They often require c-sections & tend to have small litters. Do you and your friend have titled purebreds who’ve already completed all their testing to ensure they don’t pass genetic faults to their offspring? Not likely. Sticking 2 ‘dogs’ together to breed is a dangerous crapshoot. There’s a good chance that everything will turn out fine, but there’s an equally good chance it will turn out disasterous. Please take the time to put some actual thought into what you’re doing. The less informed you are about what you’re doing, the higher the probability that you’ll end up killing the b*tch and/or her litter. I don’t think I need to mention the millions of dogs already in shelters waiting to die. Why would you want to condemn more?

  10. doggyhog says:

    I wouldn’t ask questions like this because people will either just tell you to get your dogs fixed (this is what you SHOULD do.) Or just make a joke out of it. So don’t waste your time trying to make $ by breeding dogs. Its cruel. I may seem a little harsh but its the truth.

  11. allycmw says:

    Oh god I need a drink … you do NOT breed two random dogs together just because you have them. You do not know what you are doing. Please, for the love of god, seperate these dogs and have them FIXED. PLEASE.

  12. darksong17 says:

    I have a better idea. Have the dogs spayed and neutered and keep them as happy, healthy pets, thusly not adding to the already insane overpopulation issue.

  13. OldSchool says:


    Take an INCREDIBLY dumb,uneducated person who cares not at all for the thousands of pups that die in shelters.
    Take her poor dog who she obviously cares nothing about.
    Find another person and their poor dog…….

    Go get sterilized. PLEASE!!!

  14. tessalouise8 says:


    I think a bottle of red…..

  15. Broccoli says:

    They seem to be the smartest in the house right now. Don’t breed, if you want to breed you should have a mentor. A mentor would help you with the health of your dogs, you would only have one if you are serious. And since you don’t have one, you are not serious and shouldn’t breed.

  16. Love is an Am.Bulldog(Best Buds) says:

    I haven’t had nearly enough coffee yet to answer this question!


    LOL…Rachel obviously has had her coffee and is thinking clearly….she said it perfectly!

  17. •Kansas• •Girl• says:

    They understand the pet population, and dont want to add to it. Smart dogs.

    Seriously, take them out of the cage and leave them alone. Do NOT let them breed.

  18. Rachel - Pit Police -TKT says:

    It is way too early for this BS

    Don’t breed these dogs. There…done. Problems solved.

    EDIT: *Shakes head*

    If you’ve never done it before, and you want to do it responsibly, what you need is a mentor….someone who specializes in breeding the breeds in question, to walk you through this the right way and teach you what you need to know, so that you are not risking the lives of these dogs or their pups.

  19. amypie says:

    Clearly, he doesn’t swing that way

  20. rack says:

    if they are two different kinds of dogs DONT breed them. There are so many dogs without homes already.

    If they are the same breed you still shouldnt breed them because clearly you dont know what you’re doing.

    Why do you want to breed them? MONEY?!

  21. Ski owl says:

    I’m sure that like people some dogs are just not interested in each other.

    My friend has 2 dogs that they wanted to breed, the male is just not interested in the female. I think it is like she is his sister and he’s got to be thinking that is just wrong. Yes the dogs are from different parents.

  22. .Top.Corner. says:

    Dim the lights, play some music 🙂

  23. ****** says:

    Maybe the male thinks the female is ugly. Dress her up nice, high heels, and short skirt. Maybe he will come across.

  24. Power of the Rat Terrier says:

    ***Bangs head on the computer***

    I think I need an aspirin now

  25. thephotoren says:

    maybe some candles and some kenny G would help.

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