How to keep dog from running away?

Before you answer, be aware that my dog doesn’t run away from home, but runs away from me. Let me explain in more detail… I want to be able to take my dog (teacup pomeranian) outside with me without having to put a leash on him. I’d like him to stay right at my side without running off to "explore". What’s the best way to accomplish this? In all other ways, he seems to be a perfect (and playful) dog. I would like to stay as far away from physical discipline as possible (such as swatting with a tree limb, which has been suggested). My grandmother’s dog will stay right by your side and for no particular reason that I’m aware of. So, what’s my best option to have my dog stay with me in the yard/park without wanting to run off somewhere? It just makes me really angry when he runs off and when I call for him to come back he just ignores me.

Please answer seriously!
Pepper (my dog) is 4 years old.

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5 Responses to “How to keep dog from running away?”

  1. smurf says:

    Take obedience classes and work on recall. you’ll need to leash train your dog, than once the dog walks nicely on the leash, let the leash drag behind the dog and than you can possibly move to not having a leash. THIS is not recommended for open unsecured areas as anything could suddenty distract the dog, and you could lose the dog or it could be injured. If you want the dog to folow you around in your yard or home..than fill your pockets with treats..otherwise leave your dog’s to it’s own freedom or choice. Some dogs like to stay close to owners others don’t…their animals so let them choose.

  2. lilsassyswtsmurf says:

    First off physical punishment despite what others suggest is never good for a dog, dogs are loving and will love you no matter what and sadly put up with being swat but it isnt good soon youd have a dog that cringes when you raise a hand to even scratch his head ( I have a dog Blu who i rescued who was severely abused and used as a fight dog) They have moe probems with trust after and even though I never laid a hand on him you can tell he remembers. Now second around how old is the dog age comes into play and if you have trained him? All dogs need training even better to have it from an owner it could be the dog is a puppy and just wants to go off and likes the freedom of no leash other than that most dogs do want to go explore and run and see new smells and pee just be careful and obey the leash laws. Some may think its a game to run off with someone chasing them try calling there name and staying in one spot

  3. Evil Spoon says:

    Most city parks have ordinances against letting your dogs run free, so you might want to look into that before you get fined. If they’re alright with it, then terrific! Anyway…

    You’re going to need to start with the leash. That is how you train your dog. Take him out. Make him sit when you want him to sit. Reward him (snack, praise, petting, etc). Make him come to you. Reward him. Make him stay while you walk away. Reward him. Use SPECIFIC and short commands. SIT. STAY. COME. Reward him when he does what you want. Repeat this. Be consistent. Do it every day. When he starts doing it WITHOUT the reward, then start trying it in your backyard without the leash. Move on from there. Good luck!

    Also, make sure YOU are the boss of your dog in the house as well. If you are letting him run around and do whatever he wants, then that attitude is going to transfer outside as well. Develop some rules and structure for your dog, and train him to obey. Teach him some tricks. Reward him when he is complies. Express your displeasure when he does not. Use SPECIFIC commands to get him to do what you want. Don’t just say NO when he does something bad. Say DOWN or COME or SIT in specific situations. Your dog wants to make you happy, and loves a reward. But you have to make sure you are consistent with him at all times. You never have to hurt a dog. Professionals don’t do it. Why should you have to? That said, a lot of owners let their dogs get away with murder and do not train them at all. Then they wonder why they disobey.

    Hope that helps! I tried to be short and sweet. There are entire books dedicated to this topic. You might try one of them out for more specifics! Good luck!

  4. Mrs Robinson says:

    In my personal opinion…. most dogs run off when they see something ‘interesting’. You should try going to training classes. My boxer explores..but, he will only take off about 5 feet away. Training classes for you and your dog will probably be your best answer. When your training classes are done, you still have to practice every day. Good luck.

  5. Shannon says:

    You NEED to keep him on a leash! No matter how well trained he can become, he coul dalways get distracted and dart in front of a car or larger dog that could hurt him.

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