How to keep dog from chewing?

We have been keeping my sister’s dog for a while now, but it’s really getting annoying because all she does is chew. Every morning I wake up it’s something different. I keep all my stuff off the floor, but she still manages to get it and chew it. If it’s not higher than 3 feet off the ground she’ll have it. And she has three different chew toys to use, and I don’t know what else to try. My mom won’t allow me to punish her when she is bad, for instance putting her in a kennel every time she chews something. She says unless we catch her in the act she can absolutely not be punished. That’s kind of stupid seeing as she only chews stuff at night when we are sleeping. And it’s always my stuff too. I’m sure if it was my mom’s stuff getting destroyed she would put her in her kennel, but if I so much as raise my voice or look at her the wrong way after she’s chewed something my mom yells at me. So what can I do to stop her from chewing?
I’ve also wanted to put her in her kennel at night as to prevent it from happening but my mom says no to that as well. She would only be in from 3AM when I go to bed, til about 5AM when my mom gets up, but she’s against that as well. Instead, she would prefer the dog cost me every night, which I’m not paid back I might add.

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4 Responses to “How to keep dog from chewing?”

  1. tom l says:

    Doors were a wonderful invention.
    If you keep your bedroom door closed with the dog on the outside I promise you that the dog will never chew another thing in your room.

  2. Bailey's mom says:

    You will have to keep her busy , dont give her all the toys at the same time , she’s getting bored with them caus they are always there . You will have to alternate .
    also , you need to show her HOW FUN IT IS to play with the toys compared to the stuff . Try having a toy like a TEddy bear but with hard belly that makes noise 😉

    And at night , Where ever she sleeps ,you will need to ”lock” er in there by closing the door ! Make sure theres nothing she ca eat tought . Only that 1 toy !!!

    If she’s crying ignore her , it will last about 15-20 min and then she’ll realise there no point for that since she not getting out!!

    hope this helped 🙂

    Best of Luck

  3. Mom of Three says:

    You win. The dog needs to be kenneled at night before her bad behavior is too ingrained. Half the trick of training a dog is giving them multiple opportunities to do the right thing and few or none to do the wrong thing. Put her to bed with a toy or dental rope that she is allowed to chew. Two hours is nothing. My dog *loves* her crate and will go in there in her own to nap. It isn’t a punishment – it’s her bed!

    I do agree with mom though that you can’t correct her unless you catch her up to no good.

    Good luck!

  4. solsticekittai says:

    Sounds like you might want to talk to your mom about proper puppy behavior. I like the idea of putting her in the kennel at night so she can’t chew something up. If your mom doesn’t like that idea, why not just seclude her to one spot in the house? The kitchen for instance – put a gate up so she can’t leave. I’d just calmly explain to your mom that you can’t afford the dog chewing up everything you own – and ask if the dog can be placed in your mom’s room instead if she doesn’t like the kitchen / seclusion idea.

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