How to House Train a Puppy : Choosing a Crate Size for your Puppy : Tips for Housebreaking Puppies

Learn how to choose the correctly sized crate for your dog in this video. Expert: Tracy Tenner Contact: Bio: Tracy Tenner has been training dogs for over 25 years. Filmmaker: Hiu Yau

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    25 Responses to “How to House Train a Puppy : Choosing a Crate Size for your Puppy : Tips for Housebreaking Puppies”

    1. WickedOne2Three says:

      @izzie128 so does ours.. he thinks he’s being punished but he’s not…then after awhile he’ll laydown in his cage thinking ‘they dont love me’ .. which isnt true… lol… we put him in his cage for different reasons. he just doesnt understand why lol

    2. XxGilliahAcexX says:

      i agree with gurlicutie…that crates r not cruel

    3. gurlicutie says:

      @funksensations Crates are actually not cruel as long as you get the right size for your dog/puppy. Especially when your puppy is too young, crates are really beneficial. Crates shouldn’t seem like a way of punishment or torture for the puppy, but instead, the puppy should like the crate is his private area – where he can have a peaceful time. It should feel like a bedroom to him.

    4. funksensations says:

      I’m no expert but that looks cruel … that’s a cat box?? I wouldnt even put my puppy in that … way too small … imagine being in that yourself … ?

    5. rlholo says:

      @comedyfreaks100 You are an intelligent breath of fresh air in a very stale conversation. Crating is cruel. It’s so flipping obvious and yet for every person who has the common sense to say it, there are 10 vacant-eyed idiots who will oppose them.

    6. CAROLMRAMOS says:

      There are numerous humane alternatives to crating for people whose schedules force them to leave their canine companions at home for the duration of the workday. PETA supports humane, interactive obedience training, which promotes and teaches guardians effective ways to communicate with their animal companions.

    7. PhleshWound says:

      In 49 years of owning all sorts of dog breeds I have never felt it necessary to cage a dog, for any sort of training. Cages are a lazy owner’s way of managing their dog. If you don’t have the skills, time and appropriately safe property for a dog, then don’t get one. No way is a crate a den – dens have multiple exits which are never locked, animals come and go at will.

    8. wildog47 says:

      my brother has 2 bichons and the love their crate! they will go lie down in it when the wanna sleep and they will just sit their in the crate poking their heads out and watching u lol.

    9. ualuuanie says:

      I have this solid rubber ball. Everytime my dog poops or pee in the house it would get that ball thrown at it but if it do its business outside it get rewarded. After 2 weeks I guess it got the message πŸ™‚

    10. izzie128 says:

      Oh thanks! She likes it alot better since I put the last comment on πŸ™‚ she was on a plane for 5 hours and didn’t complain once, she was just happily playing with her toys πŸ˜€

    11. matthonest says:

      youre making it feel trapped and associating the crate with punishment. you need to teach her that its her room not a jail πŸ™‚ take a toy and rile her up for a second, then throw the toy in the cage and close the door before she gets in and she will be clawing to get it. and that will show her that its okay to go in there, its not a bad place

    12. comedyfreaks100 says:

      Actually, i never crate trained my dog (standard poodle) And he always goes outside. i think crate training isn’t the best way to potty train your puppy because the poor thing is stuck in a cage the whole day! what i did, is i attached a bell to my garden door, and i trained him to touch the bell to his nose when he has to go outside (to pee), so then i know when he has to go. 2 wks later, i got rid of the bell, and now he just waits by the door when he has to pee. Try it! it really works!!

    13. sarahhaspowers says:

      u have to make the puppy like the crate. then u should make the puppy go in da crate when its time for itz bed time. keep da door open on the crate for the first few days. put the crate in your bedroom. DONT PUT DA CRATE IN THE KITCHEN

    14. sarahhaspowers says:

      alot of ppl keep there dogs in crates over night. it doesnt hurt them

    15. thendlessonline says:

      aww cute shihtzu

    16. 1084HannahCF says:

      i have a papillon and he ISNT potty trained AT ALL !!!!

    17. DeathSnoop says:

      if you noticed that your dog runs out after picking up the toy, you might want to consider using string to hold it in the crate. once you practice this for a while, it will start to enjoy it and when she goes into her crate you can give her treats or hide some treats in her crate so that she’ll have some fun finding them and also know where is good and where is bad.

    18. DeathSnoop says:

      well there is a way to make them enjoy it, all you have to do is find a toy with a hollow middle and put treats or food that yuor puppy/ dog likes to eat.
      then let her sniff it but before she bites it, quickly pick up the toy and throw it in her crate, once she is in , dont EVER close the door until you have practise this for a while.

    19. izzie128 says:

      My dog hates her crate, she barks and barks when she’s in it.

    20. lenalena111 says:

      i think if you put them in a room in their crate, then they are not set up to fail. we left newspapers out and the pup would use them if they need. if you bring a young pup into your bedroom, they are gonna chew and pee, which is setting them up to fail which is not good. also putting them in their crate teaches them that you are the owner and that they are not dominant over you. i no you already got your pup. but i hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!

    21. lenalena111 says:

      you know, i really do think it is all difference of opinion. we have had tons of dogs, mostly golden retrievers. we have a small room (laundry room) off our kitchen. it is very close to the bedroom. while the pup was learning not to chew or pee, she was kept in there. they whine the 1st few nights, but they learn that they do not always get there way. then after 2 or 3 weeks, the pup was allowed to sleep in the bedroom with the other dog. i am happy to say we have great, friendly, obediant dogs

    22. namiest says:

      No. You shouldn’t do that at all! You should keep the dog in your bedroom while you sleep, or maybe outside your bedroom, with your bedroom door open.

    23. kerrymckenna says:

      I will be picking up my Bichon Frise next week and wondered if I could put her in the crate at night to sleep in the kitchen? any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    24. maldon28 says:

      thats gross

    25. DUMBOOOO443355533 says:

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