How to get my dog?

My dog who we got when he was a year old , he is now about a year and 8 months, and he is a pom. He cant seem to not go to the bathroom at night when we are all asleep. I let him out for at least 30 mins to an hour before bed. Water and food are put up out of his reach 2 hours before, and yet he will still pee and poop on the dining room floor. Because of this we put him in the garage at night he has blankets and bedding out there for him but he does the same thing. I have tried putting him in a kennel besides making a racket and whinning all night he went and used the bathroom in there as well so had to clean that all up and him the next day so kenneling wont work. I dont know what to do. I want him to be able to stay in the house so any tips would be great. Thanks
I should add that I have tried to let him stay in the house at night, and he doesn’t do anything at night let me know he needs out. SInce i get up with my daughter at least once i night i would put him out then , and he would still go in the house.

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5 Responses to “How to get my dog?”

  1. Athena2552 says:

    I don’t know much about pomeranians and this might sound mean but it’s not meant to. Don’t you have to pee at night sometimes? Maybe this is normal for him. Maybe you should just get up and take him out. Once in the middle of the night isn’t so bad. It only takes 5 min and you can go right back to sleep. Or take turns taking him out.

  2. hpr1980 says:

    He desperately needs to be crate trained!

    He should have a crate only large enough for him to stand up and turn around comfortably, no bigger. Place some comfortable bedding in there, but no food or water. Cover the crate with a blanket so he feels like he’s in a safe den.

    Try placing the crate in your bedroom where it’s quite & where you can easily hear him if he whines. His being able to hear your voice should sooth him enough to fall back to sleep.

    I’m not sure how you’ve approached crating before, but this should definitely work.

    If not, since he’s so small (a Pomeranian right?) you could even put dog diapers on him at night. Those seem to be pretty effective on smaller dogs.

    Keep us updated on how things turn out.

    Hope this helps. =)

  3. greenie says:

    I used to have the exact same problem. It took my Italian Greyhound 2 years to learn not to crap in his cage. Basically, whenever I found a mess in the morning I would take his blankets away for 2 days and I made him sleep on the cage floor which he did not like. Eventually he got the connection poop=no bedding and he stopped.

  4. Why are so many YA people rude? says:

    I know this isn’t a great answer, but you have a toy dog. Toy dogs are not known for their stellar potty skills. Some never get it mastered. Dogs like this may be able to be puppy pad trained or even litter trained.

    Putting your toy dog in the garage at night is not the right way to handle it – it’s pretty mean and irresponsible, honestly.

    You may have to treat him like a baby and get up every few hours to let him out. How does he let you know that he has to go out during the day? Can he do the same at night?

    Did you use a good breeder? If so, you may want to drop him or her a line and ask what they recommend. Really, this is pretty standard for a pom, but I hope you are able to find a way through it.

  5. chelseaonfireforgodwithpj says:

    boy do i know how that is…
    it can b a hard thing to deal with…stressful anyways
    but what i did was i got "4 Paws Puppy Training, and at first just put it on some newspapers, since my dog was a rat terrier she was tiny, i didnt need to train her to go outside…. but id put a few drops on the paper and she would go potty there after a while… it has a scent that they are drawn to, irrisistable. i gradually went up to puppy pads instead of newspaper. but that worked charmingly
    i helped my grandma with her hyper aussie mix that wanted to pee in bad places too…. so i got the 4 Paws out again but instead of using paper, since he was a big guy, i put the drops on a random spot outside, and sure enough a lil while later, he pooped AND peed there….. its a miracle worker lol
    but also
    u should really really make sure and clean the spots that he peed on really well cuz he can smell alot better than you and will keep returning to tha same place to go there again and repeat his bad deed lol
    just try 4 Paws puppy training or… i kno this is long, but heres another solution
    take out everything in his kennel and make him sleep in it, then if he pees or poops in their, it will touch him or he’ll step in his pee or something, they dont usually mess in there private little home(Kennel) so thats kinda odd. but just take everything out of it and try

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