how to get my dog to stop growling?

every time we go to put him in his kennel he growls at us. He’s trained to go in as soon as we say cage, and he obeys but he gets really pissy about it and makes a big fuss. He’s very playful and loving and never bites (he does get quite violent when he has a rawhide or piece of meat he’s protecting though. Because of this we never give him rawhides anymore.) but the growling is quite annoying to me, and I’m a bit concerned one day he’ll snap. I’ve read growling while looking directly at you is a dog’s way of warning you he will bite you if he has to, which will definitely not fly well if it does come to that. He’s a big dog, and could do some damage if he wanted to (though I doubt he ever would.) Suggestions?

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10 Responses to “how to get my dog to stop growling?”

  1. Jinhee N says:

    You need to make sure he knows that YOU are pack leader, not him. His protesting is him challenging your leadership, not respecting it. You also need to teach him not to food guard. I could go into detail but you can just watch Cesar Milan or use Google to find methods for doing these things.

  2. Mira-Kun says:

    this might sound mean but slap him when dogs growl its just like the hissing of a cobra or cat it means there warning you like -grrrrrr- mean "you better bak off or ima bite you"

  3. Vance Glenn says:

    My dogs had the same problem. When i would feed them regular dog food i would put it down and start petting them right away to let them now you mean no harm and then i would take the food away and have the dogs do a trick or something then put the food back down and do it everytime you fed them until you feel they were friendly and. I did thes mostly when the were puppies though and a few of them as they got older. But im not sure how aggressive he is. And as to the cage, im not sure maybe try giving your dog a treat everytime it went into its cage or spending more time with it while its in the cage to try to ease its agression. It’s tough to say though because im not sure how agressive he can get.

  4. jkallen21 says:

    My vet just told me this week that you may not want to stop the growling if it is in response to you taking away something of his. Based on her reasoning, it might include you trying to put him in the cage too. She said that the dog is expressing it’s displeasure with the situation and as long as there is no biting, it’s OK. If you scold the growling, the dog will not know what else to do except bite – and it will do so without warning. Hope that helps.

  5. Shannon Lytle says:

    If he never did that before there is something about the crate that has him spooked and that is one way he is letting you know. If you continue than he will snap outta fear which is never good. Also depending on how old he is, maybe it’s time to let go off the crate thing all together. Some dogs out grow crates like children do toys. Most dogs have the mentality of a child between the ages of 3 n 5 years.

  6. Barbatuses says:

    Dogs are from the wolf species. They live in packs. And yes — they believe that you and anyone else in your household are in the pack. Their goal is to be the alpha dog and when you place your dog in his cage he doesn’t like that you have over-powered him. You need to stand your ground and show that you are the alpha dog over him. If it means — say "No" to the wrong behavior or shaking your finger in his nose. He’ll get the drift after the training and will realize that the dominance over him is part of being in the pack.

  7. 1234567 says:

    get the bark off thing it works you push the button whe he or she barks and it sends this vibe to them to make them stop!

  8. Loopy Loop says:

    Two word: Cesar Milan

  9. Macy says:

    He seems to have dominance issues and feels threatened that you are confining him. Some dogs are just like that and it sounds like you shouldn’t be to concerned at this point.

    However, to give you some advice I’d try to make the kennel a more positive experience. When he goes in, give him a treat and praise the heck out of him. If you can, close the door and treat him before he can even growl. Make it a happy place, put a blanket or pillow on the bottom, put a toy in there, etc. It may take some time, but try to make being in the kennel a happy experience and he won’t be so aggrivated that he’s in there.

    Good luck!

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