How To Build a Dog House – Nuts n Bolts

This is the Nuts n Bolts of how to build a dog kennel. The perfect home for the mutt. Simple and straight forward tips and advice on do it your self

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    25 Responses to “How To Build a Dog House – Nuts n Bolts”

    1. skillful89 says:

      that looks flimsy as might be ok for a moodle but not a real dog basically a how to make a dodgey dog house the hard way

    2. kajayer2 says:

      i didnt get it, not a good explanation

    3. ThePedjiii says:

      my dog needs a cage, not this plastic shit.
      show us how to build jail :/

    4. myopinonz says:

      My Pitbulls Would Destroy this cheap little “alluminum can” & Cardboard of a dog house.

    5. s0s0nedey says:

      seriously, this must be for a chihuahua. my dog would destroy this in a week.

    6. itzzsk says:

      @MrWicked616 i dont know what u look like

    7. whythehell99 says:

      I’d like to shag the bearded guy

    8. shedcityusa says:

      Great Video Guys! Anyone less skilled in construction, should check out BetterDoghosues on the web. Or call 800-987-4337 for more info on our easily assembled doghouse kits.

    9. quinzzypratt says:

      @MrWicked616 Funny as shit! LOL I was thinking the same thing.

    10. jackisdacrac says:

      @jimmymed1 assuming its a sunny day, your dog should be out playing in the garden =)

    11. jackisdacrac says:

      @BLSNick agreed!

    12. AdMaker3000 says:

      @extacyboost lol, yeah that’s a good one! 🙂

    13. AdMaker3000 says:

      REALLY good effort on using basic materials such as wood planks(duh), metal planks(For roof obviously), and more to build a dog house in a simple design workshop! :D:D

    14. stejeda20 says:

      @MrWicked616 no shit..i was expecting something that only included a box, glue, and some fucking glitter..not this fancy shit

    15. eyelike82 says:

      I said DOG HOUSE, not a freaking dwarfs house!!

    16. BLSNick says:

      @Armzofdeath Im actualy canadian, we use both, Im just saying inches or cm would make sence, when your doing somthing that big not mm…. If its somthing small then ya mm is the way to go..

    17. Armzofdeath says:

      @BLSNick sorry but US is the only country that doesn’t use metric…

    18. wildkat2002 says:

      @BLSNick most of the western world actually!!!

    19. wildkat2002 says:

      @BLSNick most of the western world actually!!!

    20. BLSNick says:

      who uses mm’s as a major mesuring unit.. Thats retarted, there called inches

    21. shedcityusa says:

      Great stuff. If you dont want to have to do sooo much work yourself. Check out Better Doghouses on the web. Our kits will save you energy, time and money!

    22. YakuzaDragon87 says:

      Conclusion… its easier, cheaper, and less time consuming to just buy an already built Dog Kennel at ur local pet store

    23. nochance101 says:

      @extacyboost hHahahahhaa

    24. lenarita1 says:

      ok, i’m not going to use this idea to build a doghouse but i can see now how to use metal angle to build a bike cart/camper!

    25. AZstratguy96 says:

      I can’t understand what you are saying.

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