How sick is my dog?

We switched his dog food 4 days ago, and expected some change in his pooping. There was a slight change in feces, but he was pretty regular until last night. When we awoke to him peeing in his kennel. Something he has never done. After taking care of that, we awoke to find that he had pooped in his kennel, and probably ate some of it. (blech) It wasnt runny, or what we saw of it. He was given breakfast and taken outside with his normal routine. It was then we noticed his penis was remaining unsheathed. Something also we have never seen before. Shortly after he had the runs. We’ve kept in the kennel, its been about 4 hours cept a short pee break. Is he dehydrated? I plan on calling the vet, but id like to have an idea of whats up? Is he dehydrated? He hasnt pooped or had the runs since he’s been in the kennel.

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4 Responses to “How sick is my dog?”

  1. KENNETH D says:

    sounds like effects of diet change but see vet soon

  2. animalover88131 says:

    It could ba an allergic reaction, I’m not sure though. I would definetly call the vet.

  3. Superbrooklyn says:

    Take him to a vet. Only he will know whats wrong, if anything.

  4. miaugh says:

    If his penis remains unsheathed for any length of time, it can be very painful and the tissue can actually die.

    Other than that, maybe the food switch was not done gradually? You can check him for dehydration by gently pulling up the skin at the back of his neck, where his "scruff" is, then letting it go. If it quickly goes back to normal position, he may be ok as far as dehydration is concerned. If the skin stays there and doesn’t spring back down, he may be dehydrated. Just make sure he has plenty of water to drink all the time.

    It could be change in food, he could have a urinary tract infection causing him to urinate inappropriately, or some other gastric upset. Take a sample of his stool with you when you take him to the vet. He really should be checked out soon.

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