how much to charge for these odd jobs?

i take on odd jobs such as pet sitting, childcare, and house sitting on occasion, but usually people already know what they want to pay based on their situation. recently, a person contacted me about taking care of their 2 cats (food and litter), and dog (food/walk/potty times) while they serve time. They may also get house arrest, so then I would only need to walk/potty dog, but also do laundry at the mat for them, and perhaps grocery runs. what would be reasonable rates to charge per day for either the take care of pets while they are in jail, or the walk dog and do errands situation? thanks.

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3 Responses to “how much to charge for these odd jobs?”

  1. Suzy Wang says:

    Better you ask people out there who provides such service. Sum up the average rate and then talk to owner (who need your service) and tell them the facts. I am sure they will pay what you suggest them.

    Good luck

  2. BuShi says:

    $10 per hour is a nice, even number. Make sure you add time for your transportation.

  3. Wade Holland says:

    Why not first ask this person what they had in mind to pay. You may be surprised. If you don’t think the rate is fair then you now have a starting point and you can simply say I was thinking of a different number. Either give that number or wait to see if they will go up any higher. It’s hard to give you a number not knowing how much time you will actually be given to them. So this is a simple approach and a good lesson in negotiations.

    If you give them a number 1st, then you loose your leverage. Good luck

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