How much does privacy fence cost, I just want four pieces, for my Pit bull mix…?

I have my yard fenced In all the way around, the back yard has privacy fence, but the front is a chain fence which is about to my waist and Im 5’5 so It Is very short. She Is a Red nose Pit bull/ presa canario mix so she will be a very big dog. I want to build It back there. When I leave I don’t want to leave Kahlua In the house because she Is still very young (5 months) Of course I wont make It until summer when It Is warm. But how much would about four pieces be to make this kennel, can anyone help me? I really don’t wanna keep her In the fencing that long but I cant have her eating things that could make her sick.

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    3 Responses to “How much does privacy fence cost, I just want four pieces, for my Pit bull mix…?”

    1. Dog Section Regular says:

      A 5 month old puppy should be INDOORS PERIOD. Crate train her. Do not take the chance of leaving her outside unattended, high fence or not.

      Left outside, she can eat worse things to make her sick, people can poison her, or hurt her. Leave the dog inside the house, crated.

    2. Vespera says:

      If you don’t want her chewing on things when you leave, get her a crate and teach her to enjoy being in the crate. Do not leave her outside where people can get to her. I know in some places it’s illegal to leave your dog in the yard when you are not home, they have to be secured in the house or be on a leash with the owner.

    3. michele says:

      Check out Home Depot or a local fencing company. Explain your situation to the guys working on the floor, they may be able to offer you a discount since you only need a partial fence.

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