How much does a kennel owner make?

I’m really interested in a career involving dogs, and I was wondering about how much I could possibly make per year if I owned and ran my own kennel?
Just to clarify, I’m talking about a kennel where you board dogs while people are on vacation, not a breeding kennel. Thanks for the answers!

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    7 Responses to “How much does a kennel owner make?”

    1. PomsNZ says:

      I breed and show Pomeranians.

      I made MINUS 10,000 so far.

      i darent show hubby!

      they arent including show entries, camping for shows, gas, show stuff, food drinks at shows, any special things relating to shows. If i added that in, then so far i guess we have paid around $20,000.00 20k is a lot.

      10k is a lot to loose in my 5 years breeding. but i stand behind everything i breed, the parents are health tested and although I havent made money yet, and its actually cheaper for me to just buy show dogs, I am confident that one day we will break even.

      P.S costs me on average to have a litter , around 1k. I sell pups for 1k. My females has singletons.
      I didnt add in vaccinations, kennel club registerations, vaccinations or the c section if she needs one.

      I must be stupid!

    2. Jdubbs says:

      not a cent. first you have to buy breed quality dogs which can be up to 2500 each. then if they are big dogs you would have to get them hip tested which is up to 300. when your dog is pregnant you would have to take it to the vet for numerous check ups. then when the puppies come if the breed needs tails docked and dew claws removed it would be up to 100 per puppy. then you would have to pay for food, whelping box, check ups, blankets, toys, micro chips, crates, kennels, more food etc, while paying bills, payments and keeping up on your male and female. you should breed dogs for the LOVE of the breed and your dogs. good breeders do not make ANY money.

    3. Wayne Pittman says:

      Less than $20,000 a year.

    4. Caitlin says:

      If you are talking about a dog breeder then I’m pretty sure people will sometimes go into debt, not actually make alot of money. Not sure though.

    5. Giagal says:

      Please don’t breed dogs or make any dog live outside.

    6. STREETY says:

      A crap load but it would depend on what you offer like baths blow-dry ect

    7. Dogzzz says:

      A boarding kennel? A breeding kennel? I think either way there are too many variables to even guess at an answer. Where the kennel is will determine what services cost… both in regard to what you can charge and in regard to what it will cost to operate. How large a kennel is a factor… a big kennel will make more money, and it will cost more to operate. Can you make a living? Yes. Is it hard work? YES! Is it rewarding? Yes. Does it get old not being able to take a day off or go anywhere? Yes.

      You could maybe go work at a kennel for a while, and see if it is the kind of life you would enjoy.

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