How do you teach a puppy to sleep in a kennel?

Our Boxer puppy will be 8 weeks old tomorrow and we would like to get him out of our bed and into a kennel at night.
Our 2 older dogs sleep on a bed on the floor but because the puppy isn’t 100% housebroken we are hesitant to let him roam freely at night.
( I regret letting the puppy sleep with us the past 2 weeks…hindsight is 20/20.)
Do we just keep introducing him to the kennel?I don’t want him to be traumatized and think the kennel is punishment.
In fact one of my older dogs (she’s 8) has started getting into the puppy’s kennel. I guess she remembers her kennel from when she was a puppy. She really liked her kennel.
My older dogs that are now 12 and 8 slept in the bed with me for a couple weeks then graduated to a kennel at night until they were about a year old. I just don’t remember them crying and throwing a fit like this little fellow.

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    8 Responses to “How do you teach a puppy to sleep in a kennel?”

    1. Jack Shephard says:

      Don’t let him out of the crate once you put him up. Giving in will only make him think that crying gets him what he wants. Eventually he’ll get used to sleeping in the crate. He’s only 8 weeks so give him time, he will get used to it.

    2. Diane Monty says:

      put him inside when it’s time and ignor him until it’s time to let him out

    3. Sally says:

      Give him one of your shirts, it’ll have the smell on it and he won’t feel so alone.
      Is there enough room for the older one to sleep with him?
      A heating pad and comfy blanket worked with mine.

    4. Lawnnnchair says:

      They way my friends did it was leave her in the kennel and put a blanket over her, so nothing that was outside the kennel made her worried or excited. She got use to it pretty quick she is a pit bull.

    5. dan says:

      Putting some of your used worn clothing with your body scent will help!! Also I have heard a old clock that is wind up style and goes tick-tock —tick-tock will work???

    6. stud daddy says:

      dont let him out!!! he will calm down. he will sleep through the night. make it his home.

      we lock ours in there till they stop fussing. now when we point to the kennel they run right in.

      once hes slept with you your chances of succes are slim

    7. Giagal says:

      Get the right size crate for your puppy. Start with the crate door open. Make sure to place plenty of comfortable bedding in the crate. Keep the crate near your bed.

    8. Cristina Baker says:

      Feed him, give him water, walk him, play with him and then put him in for a period of no longer then 1 hour and don’t let him out during that time, don’t speak to him, don’t bother him -what ever he does, don’t let him go or react in any way until it’s tim to get out ( in that age he can’t be there longer then 1 hour)

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