How do you keep a dog from running everytime she is let outside?

My kids were given a dog a year ago, Kobe at that time was a 2 year old black lab. We have not done anything different with her from her old owner. We take her for runs on a regular basis just like they did. I have noticed lately that every time we let her outside she wants to take off on us, so we spend more time trying to run after her then spending time with her. Kobe is just like one of the family! HELP!
We do use a leash but there are times that before I can even get the leash on her she is out the door and running. I have done the classes with her and it doesn’t seem to be working! HELP before I go insane or Kobe is hurt badly!

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    1. realdusi says:

      Firm and consistent handling from both you and your children will help make obedience effective. Before anyone opens the door, you should make Kobe sit and stay until you put her leash on. Then when you go to exit the door, tell Kobe firmly to ‘wait’, and hold her back behind the door frame until you step outside the door, and tell her ‘okay’ as she walks out the door. Do this every single time you go to take her outside. Eventually Kobe will learn to wait behind you until you exit through the door before she goes out. Also practice your ‘come’ command at home. Always call your dog in a happy cheerful manner. We always want dogs to associate coming to us as a good thing, and never discipline them when they come, no matter how long you’ve been chasing them or how mad you are at them. With your kids help, have each person go to a different room in the house with treats in hand. Play musical dog, by having each person one at a time call Kobe. When Kobe comes to that person, praise her, give her a treat and pet her. Then the next person calls her and when she goes to that person praise, treat, and pet. Practice this routine atleast ten minutes every day, it’s fun for the kids, and fun for the dog! With time and practice, she will improve. You just have to make sure you and your kids are consistent.

    2. Ryans Mom says:

      Hmmm, it is springtime. She may be on the lookout for a mate. Keep her tied out or get a fence and hopefully she’s been fixed. Make sure she has a collar or microchip with ID if she should run off again too. You may want to go to obedience class as well. They may be able to help. Sometimes a trainer will do 1-on-1 training also. Good luck.

    3. ralphers says:

      Invisible fences are good but take a lot of time (training), a couple months. Try the "invisble voice", buy some parachute cord (lightweight, strong rope), tie it to a tree or other imoveable object, tie the other end to the dogs collar (hoepfully a strong one, and NOT a choker chain.)

      Play like the ropes not there, wait for the dog to bolt, just before the dog reaches the end of the rope shout "NO".

      Immediately go to the dog, pet them, and continue play.

      A few times of this and most dogs will freeze at the word NO.

      An occasional treat can be helpful to make the dog come to you, but always give it love and affection when it comes.

      A "remote collar" can be used on dogs that do not respond to normal training methods. This type of collar sends a shock to the dog when press a button, not to be used by kids.

      PS tie the rope to the INSIDE door knob BEFORE opening the door, again, wait for the dog to get near the end of the rope. This will stop the door bolt, shorter the rope, faster the results.

    4. dmv question says:

      When they see you are not interested in chasing them, they will stay close to you. If you chase them they think your are playing and they will keep running…

    5. junior_03yes says:

      Keep the dog on a leash and everytime it tryies to run yank tha leash. For more stuff to do when dogs misbehave watch the show "The dog whisperer"

    6. braulio_elizalde says:


    7. schnouzi says:

      USE A LEASH!!!!!!!
      Definitely do something before she gets hit by a car! Go to obedience classes, teach her a perfect recall, and always, always leash anywhere near a road.

      Edit: So she’s a door bolter? I still don’t think that’s a problem, you can just put the leash on before you even open the door…

    8. flushoften says:

      Maybe ways of the old were not best for having your dog obey commands. Taking her to obedience class would benefit both of you as you’ll both learn which of you should be the obedient one. My parents had the same problems with a chocolate lab at that age, but by the 3rd year they tend to mellow out. Good Luck

    9. redsoxfanjme says:

      Invisible fence.

    10. Random thoughts says:

      nice question, If you have a problem pet, then the behaviour issues can be frustrating and seem hard to overcome.
      As hard as it is, the first thing that you will need is lots of patience and understanding for your pet – and love – to overcome any issues.
      Try to keep a log of when the problem behaviour occurs – is it triggered when you leave the pet, or when it’s in a certain situation – perhaps even when a certain person enters the house?
      Once you have isolated what causes the issue, then do some research – there are many sites on the internet that contain specific advice and of course friends with pet dogs may have gone through similar problems.
      Also your vet might have some suggestions or even a dog trainer as to how to overcome certain behavioural problems. Note that problems with a dogs behaviour are actually quite common therefore do not dispair or think that you are doing something wrong.
      With big problems consult a dog trainer for professional help on overcoming the issue.

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