How do you get your brand new puppy to sleep in her/his kennel?

We got a 8 week old maltese yesterday, and she has spent one night with us….It was terrible. We bought her a kennel to sleep in, and we put her bed and there and took the food and water out before bed.

But whenever we lock her up in there she whines nonstop and runs around the kennel in a panic. I tried the tough love thing and left her in there whining for about a hour, but she continued to whine and whine worse. Is this the way to train her to stop whining at nighttime? or is this tramatic in a way?
edit: I do sleep with her in the same room. I slept with her about 3 feet away from me and I would usually pet her when she was whining

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7 Responses to “How do you get your brand new puppy to sleep in her/his kennel?”


    She was just taken away from her mother. Can you put an old fashioned clock that ticks loud with her?
    Also try putting her in the with door open and let her come out and go back in.

    This puppy will take time to adjust to the new environment.

    I would never let my puppy whine for an hour, you are stressing this puppy which is a very delicate

    Can you take it out for a walk for at least 20 minutes? For a maltese I would use a harness instead
    of a collar for the leash.

    You can have a collar with her tags in the future.

    Having the collar can crush the trachea.

    I had a miniature poodle that’s how I know

    What about the puppy’s food?
    do you give it a good quality food NEVER PURINA!

    food should not have corn wheat or soy

    In time your puppy will go in the kennel on it’s own. It will become a safe place for her to go.

  2. eye says:

    the crate sounds too big if she can run around in it … a crate should be small enough for the dog to stand up and turn around only … a crate large enough for running is defeating the purpose … also a crate is not for sleeping … a dog should be crated for 1 hour for each month they have been alive up to six hours maxiumum … you have a 2 month old pup, that is 2 hours max in the crate … the crate is used to reinforce housebreaking and protect your home and belongings from a chewing puppy … it is not where a dog sleeps … you should put the dog bed only in one of your bedrooms and let the dog sleep there … and crate only the appropriate time … dogs crated too much initially will ruin their personalities and make them neurotic and anxious … and there is no problem letting the dog whine until it can whine no more … and it is not hurting the dog, think of it like a kid having a tantrum, you don’t go and coddle the tantrum, you ignore it, and that does not traumatize the child, it only lets the kid wear himself out … my dog whined in the crate the first few days … the first day i put her in the crate and i sat where she could see me … when she was quiet i let her out and gave her a cookie … we practiced that several times a day initially … and never put the pup in the crate, get the pup to walk in on their own … use a treat tossed into the crate … and get a smaller crate for the meantime … a crate that will hold a dog bed and bowls is completely useless for what you are trying to accomplish … and you have only had the dog one day, you may need to learn some patience … i would also suggest a book on dog training and professional classes from kindergarten to advanced and that will help you learn about dogs and training and give you a great dog for the next 15+ years :O)

  3. sisu says:

    It can take a few days to a few weeks to properly crate train a pup.
    Make the crate a fun place for the pup.
    Feed meals in the crate. Give the pup a stuff Kong or other chew in the crate during the day.
    Encourage the pup to nap in the crate during the day.
    Have the crate in the room with you so that it is not frightened.
    Pick up the water bowl 2 hours before bedtime.
    Take the pup out to pee when the bowl is picked up, and
    again right before bedtime.
    The pup will need to go out to pee during the night.
    Leave a night light on so the pup feels more secure.
    Do not remove the pup from the crate when you know she does not need to pee.
    Taking her from the crate while she is whining encourages the behavior.

  4. Amy Duck says:

    What I did with my german shepherd pup is give her something to distract her. I gave her a chew toy or a bone to help keep her mind off the fact that shes alone. Dolls are good too, but since puppies love to chew, they may get torn up. Hope this helps.

  5. Caroline B says:

    let her whine and ignore her completely.. she’s bound to stop eventually.. you can try putting her in the same room as you and eventually gradually move the kennel out of your room

  6. Jenny Manyteeth says:

    Put the puppy’s crate in the same room with you. Puppies cry and complain because they are afraid to be alone in a strange place. If she knows she’s not alone, she’ll be fine.

  7. rayal says:

    Put some kind of a Lovie in there with your pup. A stuffed animal that she can snuggle with.
    she is a pack animal and wants to feel safe and secure. Hence the whining.

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