How do you correct food aggression between 2 female dogs?

I have 3 female hounds that live in outdoor kennels. They’re separated into 2 separate enclosures. One dog on one side, two on the other. The two that live together get along fine. One is just over a year old, and the other is 7 or 8. During feeding time they leave each other alone and everything goes fine.
In the other kennel is a 3 year old. During feeding time, the 3 year old eats as fast as she can, and then goes right to the kennel fencing between her and where the younger dog eats and tries to steal her food by digging underneath, and then the two of them fight through the fence.
We’ve tried so many different ways of making it stop but they’ll fight through the fence until you go in and pull one of them off the fence, and as soon as you let go, they’re right back to it.
Any suggestions?

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    3 Responses to “How do you correct food aggression between 2 female dogs?”

    1. Rosalie says:

      Take the individual dog that is starting things and excavating, and crate her inside while the others are eating. It sounds as if you might also consider putting up a wooden fence section in one part of the keenl between them to block the view and give the other dogs some privacy. The more you repeat this process of giving them all something of value, the more this behaviour will be reinforced.

      If you take her out of the kennel while there is nothing of value over which to compete, put her inside where she has something that is of more interest, you will take the connection away that the 3 year old has made between the food and the other dog. Make sure everyone has finished their meals, and all dishes have been removed, before you put her back out.

      Unless you do that all the time, she will revert, and sooner than later will end up on the wrong side of the fence in a bltch fight to end all bltch fights – and you’ll be footing the bill.

    2. Mama Tex says:

      Remove the food aggressive one from the kennel area while feeding the other two. Bring her back after the bowls are empty and feed her.

    3. MamaBas says:

      Is there any way you can shut the one of these two in, during feeding time? In a pack situation, normally the dominant ones are allowed in to feed, and then the more submissive ones are allowed in, but this is in a working Hunt Pack. When we ran numbers, I had to put their bowls down, calling their names out, in the same places, and in the same order. Otherwise there would have been chaos. And I had to stand guard over the oldies, who didn’t eat up quite as fast as the young ones, to make sure there was no chance of stealing, much as mine didn’t think about actually fighting!

      If you can’t shut them in, away from the fencing, I’d be in with the single one, stopping her from getting to the fence until the younger one has completely finished. You could try putting the bowls in the run with two down first, and then, once most of it has gone, feed the single one?

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