How do we teach a 3 year old dog not to pee every two hours in the middle of the night?

We purchased a new dog about three weeks ago and have noticed that about every two hours in the middle of the night he has to go to the bathroom. Almost down like clockwork, he goes each night at midnight, 2 am, 4 am, and 6 am. This can get very annoying as my husband and I have to have a good nights sleep for work.

During the day he does very well in his crate, we give him toys, chew toys and food and water. He also just recently started chewing his puppy pad. Before he was fine and then starting this past week he chews it all to shreds. We give him toys so we don’t know why he chews it up.

We are not able to let him out during the day due to work obligations, but he does very well as to going to the bathroom on the pad….hopefully he chews on it then pees on it…but I doubt that is the case.

The main thing we need is help with the middle of the night training, but help with the puppy pad would be great too!
Just to clarify…he isn’t crated at night. He sleeps in our room in his bed at the end of our bed. He just gets up and lets us know that he has to go to the bathroom.

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    5 Responses to “How do we teach a 3 year old dog not to pee every two hours in the middle of the night?”

    1. PM says:

      While it is quite possible that the routine of being crated during the day during work obligations (assuming at least 8 hours) and then during the night while everyone sleeps (assuming another 5-7 hours) is just too stressful for him. If he is being confined for up to 15 hours daily–even though spaced out–it may be just too much for him given his previous life. Something to at least consider.

      You may also want to consider adjusting the feeding practices. A three year old dog does not need access to food in his crate all day. He should do quite well on twice a day feedings or even one feeding a day. Having free access may well be contributing to the problem at night if he eats in his crate in the late afternoon. You might see an improvement if you feed him in the morning before work and nothing but a small treat in the evening.

      Yes, he is likely damaging the papers after he soils them because he is upset that he has to be on soiled papers. Many dogs do this. That is why getting control rather than papers is more desirable.

      Of course, there is also the possibility that he needs to visit a vet as the predicted times and frequency suggest a strong possibility that he has a urinary tract or kidney issue. You need to find out what the issue is exactly and even if it may be associated with diabetes.

      Hopefully he is getting plenty of exercise each day to make up for all that time he is crated.

      edit: Thanks for the additional infor regarding sleeping in your bed. Given that is the case, he probably should be checked by the vet. I would not be surprised, though, if he is waking up because he is getting too warm and then gets restless. Perhaps a dog bed beside your bed at night would help if you keep your door closed to prevent him from wandering around.

      Good luck

    2. cracker42jacks says:

      Try picking his water dish up at 7-8pm.

    3. shopaholicbabie says:

      If the dog makes it through the day in his crate without peeing, crate him at night as well. Make sure you don’t give him water before bedtime and walk him before you put him in the crate.

      As for the chewing, seeing as how he’s 3 years old, he’s probably chewing out of stress or anxiety. He notices a change, and he really doesn’t want to be in a crate all day long. Make sure you give him ample attention when you are home. There’s a small chance that he does have separatino anxiety. They have medicine for it, but another cure is for him to have a play companion. However, it doesn’t sound as though your situation can handle another dog at this time.

      Good luck. I hope this was of some help.

    4. ♥Love is a Working Dog Rescue♥ says:

      Puppy pads are a challenge. Dogs are known for shredding them.

      The main thing I suggest for over night potty habits, is NO water OR food after 7:00pm. He will not starve or dehydrate by breakfast time.

      If nothing is going in, nothing will be coming out.

      Make sure he’s pottied right before bed. Give yourself some time for this, because you don’t want to be impatient.

      I have an 10 wk old puppy, and before bed, we potty. Fifteen minutes later, I take her out again, and I almost always get another good potty. The main thing is, I’m not in hurry or feeling annoyed or impatient, so I can just stand there and wait.

      She doesn’t drink or eat after 7 pm, and at only 10 wks, she makes it all the way through until 5:30am when I wake up.

    5. KJ says:

      Sounds like you should not even have a dog. A crate is no place for a dog, if it was active and had attention all day it would not be awake at night, and the pee problem would be solved.
      Don’t get pets if you can not properly take care of them.

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