How do I transition my dog from pee-pee pads to Potty Patch?

My dog pees on the pee-pee pads 95% of the time. She won’t poop on them though. I tried introduing her to the Potty Patch, but she won’t have anything to do ith it. Does anyone know how to transition her to it, or how to get her to want to poop on the pads, then eventually the patch? Thanks.

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    3 Responses to “How do I transition my dog from pee-pee pads to Potty Patch?”

    1. Liam Smith says:

      Try this method: completely change the pee pee pads with the potty patch. After a dog eats or drinks water, usually 15 minutes after it – they would be ready to do their business, during this time they would be sniffing around a certain spot which is now your sign to bring the dog to the place where you want it to pee. once it does, be sure to praise or reward it. Do this with no miss for some days and eventually the dog will learn this transition.

      I recommend that you watch my 4 minute dog potty training video at which will give you important and useful tips as well as different methods to consider when training your dog.

      Enjoy the bonding time with your dog while training – this builds his confidence and makes him more enthusiastic with the training. – Hope my advice helps!

    2. vixen says:

      This is gross, but if you put a tiny dab of your dog’s poop on the corner of the patch, she will smell it and be drawn there to poop. My Boston has the potty patch. The problem with it is that it is hard to clean the poop off of the fake grass (I put mine under the hot shower) and trying to lift the tray without spilling the urine all over the floor. (I put newspapers under the fake grass). Good luck.

    3. ChichiMom says:

      I’ve been trying to do that for a month and so far, they won’t use it.

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