How do I train my dog to go outside and stop using the puppy pads?

We live on the 10th floor of a high rise apartment building and there is a small patch of grass downstairs. When we go him he hadn’t had his last shot and we were told to keep him inside a month before we even let him on the streets. He then got food allergy so we ended up waiting even longer. We are in Brazil and the streets are really infected with fleas etc as there are A LOT of strays here and our vet kept stressing not to take him on them until he was fully vaccinated. I have trained dogs in houses before with a yard but never an apartment. At this moment I am crating him at night and first thing in the morning I take him outside to pee. We then walk a 2 block radius. He refuses to walk the first block so I usually am encouraging him with treats. After the first block he walks like a champ. He won’t go #2 outside at all. During the day when I take him he will hold it until we get back home.I walk with him after his meals. I have read other posts where they say walk in a large circle in an open area but there are none over here. Just streets. He is still young only 5 months but I want to break the potty pad habit as soon as I can. He will hold his pee up to 8 hours in the crate but pees almost every half hour on his pad. The pad is outside on the balcony, I obviously cannot move the pad closer to the door little bits at a time .. Any tips would be helpful!
MamaBas.. I do not keep my dog crated for sh*ts and giggles. I crate him at 11PM to 6:30/7 AM. I am pretty sure this is not uncommon. Apartment dogs are so common that there are professionals who actually recommend breeds. I am asking advice on how to remove the puppy pads from the picture as we started using them in the beginning for his protection not because they were easy. If anything please give advice on teaching my boy how to "hold it" and not me on crating tips. He uses the pads because they are there and though I am sure "relief" features into the equation he doesn’t need them every half an hour. He is house broken though as he doesn’t mess inside anymore. Thank you for your response though.

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7 Responses to “How do I train my dog to go outside and stop using the puppy pads?”

  1. Anabel King says:

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  2. Siena Brien says:

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  3. Sim Rich says:

    Hi, my cousin had a hard time getting his dog to do simple tricks when he first bought it. He told me about how the tough times he had with his dog and hence I understand your frustration. But now he is having fun with his dog and and plans to buy another one too. I understand that he got a good dog training lessons online. You may want to check it out and it may work for you too.

    Good luck.

  4. MamaBas says:

    This is such a difficult situation and hard to know how best to advise you. Obviously you had to use these wretched pads, being 10 floors up with an unvaccinated puppy etc. But you have found out what happens when you do this – they won’t go outside, quite often, and they will go, everywhere, indoors (and you are lucky if he’s still actually using the pad). Expecting a dog, and especially a puppy, to hold for 8 hours is a no-no! It will lead to kidney problems ultimately. A dog needs to empty regularly – and 4 hours is the norm. He’s going a lot when he’s out of his crate because he can – and it’s a ‘relief’ (pun intended) for him to be able to. And another reason not to be crating a puppy for 8 hours is physically he needs to be able to move around far more than being crated will allow. His muscles need to develop properly, just for starters.

    Being totally honest, much as you won’t want to read this – getting a puppy under these circumstances wasn’t a great idea. It might have worked with an older dog, but as it is, all I can say is please don’t keep your pup shut in a crate for 8 hours. That’s cruel. You have some decisions to make.

  5. Nicole D says:

    Easy leave him out doors where dogs belong.

  6. Yogi says:

    Hang him over the balcony like Michael Jackson did

  7. Stefan Meyssen says:

    We have a Retriever called Bobby who we bought at 7 months of age. She had not been properly potty trained so we had a real tough time initially. We were having a terrible time with toilet training with Bobby almost ruining our carpets. I was about to give up with potty training until I found a Potty Training course. Bobby was potty trained within 6 days and we haven’t looked back since. you can find the course on:

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