How do I stop my dog from being aggressive to other submissive or frightened dogs?

I have a golden retriever mix. She used to be a very timid, submissive(to all other dogs) stray. Since my family and I rescued her she has totally come out of her shell and now is friendly to even strangers. Where I live dogs are off leash mostly and my dog is obediant and follows me and does what I tell her to do. After we fostered different puppies she realized that she could be dominant over them. Growled at them if they got too close to her food, nipped at them if they wanted to play and she didn’t, etc. Over time she has gotten it into her head that submissive puppies she wants to attack, and if a dog runs away when she runs at it she’ll chase after it growling and attack. However if the dog reacts differently and acts aloof to her she will sniff the dog politely and walk away and when she sees it again she’ll dance all around it and greet it enthusiastically. How do I change this behavior? Of course I can keep her on a leash and I do, but I want to change it not just stop it.
She’s such a great dog other than this and I love her a ton. She’s quick to learn tricks and to obey. When she gets used to a dog she’s nice to it. We still foster puppies and once she knows the puppy then she’s fine with it. But it she gets to know another puppy by attacking it every time she sees it she comes to hate that puppy and only want to attack it and be stupid some more.
And she doesn’t just attack dogs in her yard. Actually mostly it’s in neutral territory or even in the territory of the other dog, but the other dog is too timid or submissive to be bold enough to act like it’s in its own territory or is intimidated my my rather large dog.

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    4 Responses to “How do I stop my dog from being aggressive to other submissive or frightened dogs?”

    1. Bea S says:

      I am not trying to be rude, but she had learned that she can be a bully and get away with it in the past.

      You should do some socializing with all the new dogs that come through your house. You should always introduce her to the new arrival in a neutral territory where she doesn’t feel that her area is being invaded.

      Once she had learned that she can not intimidate all the new ones she will accept them easier.

      Good luck and work with her on this problem.

    2. Momo says:

      I’ve got the same problem with my yorkie. She is such an alpha female. Dogs have a pecking order, or hierarchy, and it is something they do. If you want it to stop, you’ll have to take her to some obedience classes. I know Petsmart has some.

    3. sun_and_moon_1973 says:

      You have to keep her on leash and re-train her to be kind. Have a friend or family member bring another dog to you and your dog on neutral ground-not your home or yard-and watch the interaction.When your dog gets too aggressive correct her behavior immediately. When she acts good again reward her. What she is doing is saying ok I’m the boss and you will like it-you need to remind her that you are pack leader and will let her know that when she acts out of turn. Take her to dog parks and while on the leash(both dogs should be for safety) allow them to interact making sure there is no dominate behavior being shown. She feels that it’s her house and outsiders should succumb to her wishes.

    4. imanearthangel says:

      You need to show your dog that YOU are the alhpa of the pack. When she shows this aggressive behaviour, you need to grab her and put he in the submissive position (on her back), hold on to her cheeks and tell her NO in a gruff voice. She will learn that YOU are the boss and she dose not need to be protective and territorial. Take that responsibility away from her.
      I believe that this is what it is about

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