How do I help my husky get comfortable in his kennel?

I got my husky several days ago, he is 7 weeks old now, I bought a crate kennel to train him where to do his thing and to keep him safe for an hour or so if I need to leave.

He snapped to going to the bathroom outside within the first few hours of being home, it quickly went from no, go outside to, hey stop playing and get back inside. So I never really had to "crate train" him.

I tried to get him super pooped out by running him around outside and playing with him inside for about 1/2 an hour and put him in his kennel within 3 minutes of shutting the gate he is screaming and clawing to be let out.

I tried putting him in it when hes tired and not shutting the door and he does crawl in and lay down but after about 5-10 minutes he crawls outside the crate and sprawls out on the floor (I’m assuming he is hot).

How do I make him comfortable about being in it, locked?

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    6 Responses to “How do I help my husky get comfortable in his kennel?”

    1. flip says:

      first of all he was too young to take away from his mother. Puppies should be no younger then 10-12 weeks before taken from the mother. the puppy gets more socialization from the mother and the litter mates between ages 6 and 10 weeks.

      He is lonely. It will take him anywhere from a week to 3 weeks to settle down into his new life. Make the crate as positive as you can for him. Don’t just throw him in. Place a few treats inside and let him go in on his own. Be patient, each dog is an individual. some take longer than others to adapt.

    2. pit_lover_always1 says:

      My experience in crate training is to put your pup in the kennel at night and yes he’s gonna do just what he’s doing barking, screaming etc. Put something in the crate with him like a toy, a treat. If it’s a plastic kennel, place a small fan outside but in front of the door. Make a bed for him inside the kennel, make it as comfortable for him as possible. Reward him for going in the kennel. Make sure the kennel is large enough for him to stand up and turn around with no problems. Pretty soon he will get the message and will go in the kennel by himself. He will learn that his kennel is his own "personal space". It’s just gonna take some time and Patience on your part.

    3. Oscar T says:

      Hey it just takes time, so be patient and do not give too much attention to him because he will ask for more. He is also too young and if he is a husky then its true that he might be getting hot in there.

    4. Geez says:

      Ok my Husky is 9 he has destroyed every Single crate/cage I have tried to keep him in. It is going to be very hard to get him to be comfortable in there.

    5. ChiMom says:

      He is very young to be away from his mom and littermates. Sometimes a cloth-covered hot water bottle, filled with warm water, is soothing to a puppy–as it feels like the warm belly of their mom.
      Most puppies will cry/bark when left alone in the crate overnight. This is all new for him, and I said he is young for being away from his mom by a couple of weeks.
      Some people will put the crate next to them so they can stick a few fingers through the door to pet their dog and reassure him.
      Good luck.

    6. Miss B says:

      make the kennel a positive experience by coaxing him into the kennel with treats of your choice and placing a rope or their favorite toy in there while you’re gone, or even something with your scent (towel, shirt, etc.)
      also try giving them something to chew on/eat while in there, maybe a rawhide or bone.

      a lot of it will be him just getting used to being in there, and he will settle down after you leave. my dogs do the same thing when i walk in the door, but it’s because they know i’m home.

      also, when you get home to let him out, do it in steps; approaching the kennel, placing your hand on the latch, opening the door. i do this with my year old staffy to discourage excitement with the kennel and i have seen improvement.. she will calm down almost completely.

      reading over this again – 7 weeks is extremely young for a puppy to be seperated; that doesn’t start until about 8 weeks at least. they do make toys that you can throw into the microwave for a few seconds to mock another puppy, and i would suggest getting one of those, i really believe it will be comforting to him.

      my advice might be a little too much for him at this age, but if you start it now you won’t have to "break" him from any bad habits later on.

      good luck with your new little tyke.

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