How do I get my 16 week old Lab puppy to sleep longer in the morning?

She can go 8+ hours with no problem, however, she always wakes (and whines like crazy) at daybreak no matter what time she goes to sleep. She is in a kennel and I do cover it with a blanket for darkness.

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    2 Responses to “How do I get my 16 week old Lab puppy to sleep longer in the morning?”

    1. says:

      As soon as you get up, take the blanket off the cage then take a her fav bone or toy and tell her to come out. start taking her on walks then sell be waiting for you to wake up!:)

    2. Rosalie says:

      Ignore her.
      Dogs do what works – and she has you well trained.
      If you always wait until about ten minutes after she makes the last noise, you won’t be reinforcing her bad habit of demanding room service. You’d be surprised just how long a dog can stay safely in a crate when their owner is busy doing something and doesn’t respond.

      Even if you take her out very soon after that, it will be good for her to realize that you are the one with the opposable thumbs, and you are in charge of her resources – and that includes opening the crate door.

      NEVER EVER give her anything – acknowledgement, treat or bone – when she whines for attention.
      DOn’t even say her name or "be quiet". That’s all a reward for her whining.

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