How do I get a 12 week old puppy to stop crying/yelping/barking at night?

I have a 12 week old male Labrador, we have had him for 3 weeks. Whilst he has always cried at night, he started to get better and would sleep from 10pm – 4am, he now wakes up every 2 hours and will cry, yelp & even worse BARK (which is developing into a strong loud bark).
We have ignored him in the hope he would stop, but he does not stop until 5am when we feed him his first meal.
He is an outdoor dog (was outdoors at the breeder also), his kennel, beds, toys & water -living area- is on our deck which gives him full site into the house. He also has access to the rest of the yard, but generally spends nights on the deck.
Is there anyway we can stop this behaviour? If we respond with "no" or "uh-uh" it generally makes him louder. Have also tried a water spray bottle but he seems to think that’s fun & again it makes him bark louder.
As much as we try to tire him out, he just wont sleep through the night!
Any advice would be great.

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    3 Responses to “How do I get a 12 week old puppy to stop crying/yelping/barking at night?”

    1. Jojo says:

      This is a tough question.
      Especially if you say you have tried ignoring him and he still persists in barking mostly all night.
      You could try an "Anti bark" collar on him. They are quite harmless.
      How much exercise do you give him?
      Training him to sit, down, wait, recall etc. Will tire him out a bit mentally.
      At 12 weeks he is still very much a baby so you cannot do too much strenuous activity with him.
      Or.. you could try letting him sleep indoors. Just a suggestion.
      He may feel more secure in a crate or a small room. Rather than outside alone and in a big area. Remember he IS just a baby.
      Its very difficult to give advice based on a few details but I would think he is feeling very isolated and insecure at the moment and is barking for attention and to see if you are still nearby.

    2. JAG says:

      Give it like 3 months. He was just born. Unless he is barking about pain or medically wrong. If it’s something strange about it you may want to take him to the vet to make sure. But I’m sure he’s just being a baby. Time will fix it.

    3. Kathryn says:

      Whilst I understand your concern, I can’t understand why a 12 week old male Labrador is outside. Labradors are similar to Golden Retrievers, though they have certain different characteristics (I have 3 Golden Retrievers all three years old and all brothers). I got them when they were 12 weeks old as I wanted them to stay a little longer with their mother. All dogs are pack animals and your fellah is feeling a little left out. When a dog is removed from its mother, there are two problems. 1. He or she is removed from a very well known environment (his comfort zone) 2. He is removed from his mother and siblings. I have had dogs for more than 40 years, all types and all sizes and he needs to feel that you care. I suggest taking him inside for a little while and slowly introduce him to the outside – show him that it’s fun to be outside. The other solution is to get a second dog. If you are away, (even for an hour), they keep each other company. Dogs cannot determine time. If you say ‘don’t worry Spot, I’ll be back in 10 mins’ it’s the equivalent of him barking at you. You don’t understand him, why expect him to understand you? Believe me, a second dog will relieve stress and a huge amount of unforeseen problems and will de-stress an already difficult situation. If getting a second dog is out of the question. Spend more time with him. Turn on the radio so that he accustomed to peoples voices when you aren’t there, and last but not least and probably the most important thing,
      make sure that he has something with your scent on it and a couple of toys. Wear an old jumper for a couple of days, it sounds disgusting but the stronger the scent the better. Put these in his basket and he will start to calm down. Please let me know it this helps.

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