How do I crate train an adult dachshund with anxiety?

My dachshund is 1 and has never been in a crate before now. I just moved into a houseshare and thought it would be good to crate him, as the other dogs that live there stay in a crate, while I’m at work. He has not soiled his crate at all after about 2 weeks, but he is always very anxious and pants and yelps and cries when in the crate. I have been feeding him in there and he gets a peanut butter filled kong every morning when I leave. Should I try to make the crate more comfy for him? Right now it’s just the crate bottom, no bedding or padding. How can I make him like his crate more?

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    5 Responses to “How do I crate train an adult dachshund with anxiety?”

    1. Ashley B. says:

      Crates should only be used for dogs that have been properly exercised before hand.
      Try tuckering your dog out before putting him in the crate so he is more likely to sleep or relax while mualing the Kong, you should put a little bed in there too.
      Crates should symbolize relaxation and comfort.
      Walking your dog more will help in all areas of his life.

    2. trwillia85 says:

      I’m not at expert but I’ve been reading that crates should be like a safe haven for dogs. So they should be comfortable and see being in the crate as a positive experience. Read up on it because there are a lot of different methods. I stopped acting excited when coming home to take Joe out of his crate and it helps. I throw treats in there to get him to go in by himself and I feed him every meal in there with the door open as well.

    3. Brebee says:

      he just misses you take him out of the crate and get a real kennel for him and make it comfortable

    4. Dachshunds are Pawfect™ says:

      Well put a soft fleece or blanket in his bed, in the crate, and put something that smells of you in there as well, I can’t imagine it would be very comfy with nothing in it. Take him for a long walk before you go to work so he will be more tired out and hopefully settle quicker, and I normally keep a radio on to make him think someone is home. Unfortunately he will just have to learn to be alone for a little while as it;s not possible to be with them every hour of the day!

      Great help:

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