how can u train a baby dog to dodo and pee on a pee pee pad instead of on the floor?

i really need to know because i am tierd of cleaning after her!!!

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    11 Responses to “how can u train a baby dog to dodo and pee on a pee pee pad instead of on the floor?”

    1. jcurrieii says:

      If you see her squating to start to urinate or deficate, call-out firmly and in a disapproving manner, "No."
      If you can move her onto the papers/pad do so…even if she continues. When she goes on the papers/pad, call her a good girl, and pet her and give her some extra love.
      If you find a pile/puddle on the ground, bring her over, and (gently) push her nose "into" it and tell her firmly that she is a "Bad Girl!"

      She can not understand the words, but the tone is what she will key to. That and the affection.

      For more help, drop by your local kennel club, library, or books store and look/ask for books relating to training your dog (paper training, or trining in general).

    2. animalfrndzy says:

      The next time she goes on the floor take the pee pad and put the pee on it.Put her on it so she can smell it. Then leave it down for the next time. She will smell it and go on it. Praise her for doing it. Keep it in the same place until you have success. When you feel you want to train it for outside, move the pad closer & closer to the door. Then start going on walks.

    3. silentfury23 says:

      A word of warning, if you train your dog that it’s ok to eliminate in the house on something, even puppy pads, it will be that much harder to completely housebreak her.

    4. turtmaster says:

      put some pee on it
      ps i had a dog that would pee 2 feet from

    5. Nicole3d says:

      I agree, take her outside. if she is really young, she has to go like 12 times a day. After sleeping, playing, eating, drinking take her out and tell her to go potty. Praise her when she does.
      have you tried crate training her?

    6. Law says:

      Luckily, when I first got my chi, he was partially pad trained, and knew where to go…. most of the time. To get your puppy pad trained, make sure you put the pad in the same area, don’t constantly move it around. Also, you can buy this stuff to spray on the pad (at any walmart or pet supply store) that attracts a puppy to use the rest room there, don’t know how, but it works. Secondly, when you see your puppy use the restroom in an area it’s not suppose to, give it a tap on the nose, tell it no, then take it to the pad. If the puppy goes on the pad, give it tons of praise.
      If you are eventually wanting the puppy to go outside, try taking it out often. Also, if it is pad trained, you can move the pad closer and closer to the door you want the pup to go out, and eventually work your way up to where you have the pad outside, when the pup starts going to the door when it has to go, you can remove the pad. My advise, is just be patient with the pup, and don’t discipline the pup too harshly when it goes where it is not suppose to. This can cause the puppy to hide where it has gone, or eat it. Good Luck.

    7. jwjeepers62 says:

      Cats go dodo and pee pee in litter boxes.
      You have to train him to go outside by taking it for walks, and
      when it "goes" compliment it and the dog will learn. Don’t
      forget the leash and and plastic bag to pick up the droppings.
      Good luck. :-})

    8. ♥ Pink ♥ says:

      Hwere she usualy pee’s put down a pee pad and everytime you see a new spot put on down this should help. Also you could try and keep an eye on her and when she looks like she is starting to pee stop her before she does it.

    9. stinger says:

      just take her outside every day at least three times, or when she poops or pees on the floor, show her it and tell her no, and then put her in a room locked up for and hour. repeat this everytime she does it to show her it is NOT ok. do not kick or abuse her, just give her a tiny flick on the nose.

    10. indyred2005 says:

      Yes, I have a puppy that is in the process of training. She goes on the pee pads.

    11. racer 51 says:

      don’t waste your time on pad or paper training. teach her to go outside where it belongs.

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