how can i train a dog to use pads?

I just adopted a 2yr boy dog. He is part dachsund and part terrier but he looks more like a dachsund. He lets us know when he needs to go out but I would like to train him to go on pads in the house. Any suggestions?

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    8 Responses to “how can i train a dog to use pads?”

    1. nicole m says:

      i agree with what is being said. it takes a lot more work to train a dog to let you know they want out than to use a pee why try and undo that? plus with him already knowing to go outside if you try and get him to use pee pads inside the house he may get confused and start to think its ok to go anywhere in the house! youll end up with an even bigger problem and more work if your tryin to just save yourself from walking him outside!

    2. Ceasars Mom says:

      Why on earth would you confuse the dog that way? If it is trained to go out to eliminate, take him out.

      Personal opinion: pee pads are a waste of money and a source of confusion for the dog. Why anyone would want their dog to eliminate in the house is beyond me.

    3. Pamela D(midget12_ says:

      You are sending this dog mixed messages, he is trained to go outside to use bathroom and you want him to pee on pads. All you are doing is telling him it is ok to go ahead and pee on floor.Why do you want him to pee in house?

    4. muffin says:

      He’s already house trained so why would you want to wee wee pad train????? One, it’s just gross to have soiled pads around the house and two, again, the dog is trained, what on earth is the point? If it’s laziness on your part to take the dog out, well then ya shouldn’t own a dog. Any size/breed NEEDS excercise (as do humans as some many are overweight and outta shape). Get off the computer and walk your dog! Besides it’s a good way to bond with him/her.

    5. Kelli L says:

      Why do you want to teach your dog to pee/poop in the house?

    6. Martii says:

      I wouldn’t.
      I’d put forth the effort to train him to the outside because if you ever have to give him up noone will want a dog that pees in the house no matter what he pees on.

      You have to get rid of the pads right away ,expend that energy taking your dog out instead. No dog likes to be housebound forever. They’ll become despondent, unsocialized and neurotic

      And peeing outside is free.

    7. BorderCollie says:

      put pads in th areas where he lets u know he needs to go

    8. Fried Sea Kitten says:

      I agree with what’s being said..if the dog has been trained to go outside, you’ll only confuse him by allowing him to use the pads.
      If he’s letting you know when he has to go, don’t mess with a good thing and train him any other way

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