How can I keep my Jack Russell from rolling around in poo?

She’s 8 years old and stubborn… doesn’t learn very well, so I figure this will be hard. I have another Russell that’s 3 and he’s never rolled around in any animal’s poo.

It’s the second time this week. I’m guessing it’s a cat. I figure if it was the other dog’s then she’d do it more often. My yard is fenced in; the only animal (besides squirrels and birds) that could jump the fence would be a cat.

I’m tired of washing my dog right away. She already has some skin issues and bathing her all the time dries her skin out and makes it worse.

Please help. I yell at her and she knows she’s in trouble, but I know she has no idea why. I put her in the kennel and she looks at me like I put her in there for no reason.
There’s no way I can keep my dog on a leash while she’s outside, or even monitor her for that matter. She spends the majority of the day outside because she loves bathing in the sun and watching the birds and squirrels. I can’t take that away from her.
Please stop telling me not to yell at my dogs. They are spoiled rotten, and I am far from ‘mean’ to them.

Can I not yell at my kid as well? Or anyone for that matter?
I don’t put her in the kennel to punish her after she’s rolled around in poo. I put her in the kennel because she has poo all over her and I have to get the bath ready!! I don’t want to clean carpet and furniture too!

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11 Responses to “How can I keep my Jack Russell from rolling around in poo?”

  1. bluebonnetgranny says:

    When you bath her use a conditioner especially made for dry skin.

    I have a friend who lives on a Dairy, guess what her dogs roll in? Bull, cow & buffalo dung. Oh & horses too. They eat the horse turds.

    Back when I groomed I used to use a lot of special dips on dogs for the mange mite & that stuff strips all the natural oils off the dogs hair & skin. I had to use a special conditioner to replace what was stripped off. Just go to your local pet store & tell them what is happening & ask for a conditioner that will help your dogs dry skin.

    I searched on Yahoo search & there are some products that are meant exactly for the purpose of dry itchy, scaly skin. I would send you the link but it is against Yahoo rules & regs to show product. They consider it soliciting. the search I entered was, "conditioner to replace natural oils on dogs". You can change the wording a little but you are looking for product that conditions the dogs coat & skin.

  2. ANTM says:

    You cannot really stop her or get mad at her because alot of animals do this, so putting her in the kennel and yelling at her wont do you any good but make her fearful of you since she wont know what she did wrong, you have to catch her acutally in the act THEN give her a firm NO! Bad girl!..You’ll just have to scan your yard before you let her our or keep her tied to a certain area so she doesnt have free roam to find and roll in poop. Also watch her when she’s outside and see if there’s a common stop she goes too and try and fix the problem by either putting grave there so cats wont poop there or something…lol ok so by your comments you sound like you dont really want help and you dont want to try something new….yelling at your dog is OBVIOUSLY not working you said so yourself. AND YES monitoring your dog while she’s outside IS what you’ll have to do inorder to change anything and solve this problem. Why all the hostility, and no you shouldn’t yell at your kids either but thats your perogative…In order to fix a problem you obviously have to change what your doing now i.e letting her outside unattended until the problem is resolved. When your kid is ,say for example, coloring on the walls would you continue to leave her in her room w/markers and crayons unattended and hope she doesnt do it again??! NO you wouldn’t, well hopefully not because you wouldn’t be solving anything. Dogs just like kids need training and just yelling and throwing her in a kennel will not do anything, you have to physically stop her from rolling in the poop by restricting where she roams, making sure your yard is poop free and monitoring her when shes outside like I said before and many other people have told you…

  3. Shane D says:

    Some dogs tend to roll in things that stink to get the scent on their bodies. My Scottie loves to be outside, but I don’t allow her to spend entire days out there. Sounds like you need to pick up the feces and keep her occupied inside.

  4. JACKYL aka TONY SOPRANO says:

    You really can’t. Other than doing a "yard patrol" every day prior to letting her out and making sure that the yard is poo-free, it’s something that I’m afraid that you’re just going to have to deal with. I have JRTs and they delight in rolling in anything that is smelly and disgusting. They have such a strong prey drive that they will try to mask their own scent with whatever is available. Never know when they may need to go "on the hunt" so they try to stay prepared! At least this has been my experience with them..

  5. rescue member says:

    Stop yelling at her or punishing her, that;s useless and just plain mean – she’s doing what she does by instinct, not to annoy you.

    You have 2 options, same as any other owner of a dog who does this – clean up the poop before your dog gets to it or keep your dog on leash.

    Oh my, I just read the rest of what you wrote – your dog spends the majority of the day outside alone – by her choice??? Get real, she’s out there because you don’t want to spend the time with her – rolling in poop is the least of the problems this poor dog has.

  6. GP says:

    You have to do a yard check each and every time you put her out….pick up all the poop you find, cat/dog/whatever. Also, keep a squirt bottle with you full of 1/2 water & 1/2 Ammonia…..spray the cat area down really-really well to eliminate the odor and deter the cat from coming back….this might need to be repeated for awhile.

  7. miaugh says:

    Unless you patrol the whole area where she goes out, before you let the dogs out, there’s no way you can stop her from rolling in it. All dogs do this, it’s instinct. Yelling at her after the fact is only confusing her. Pick up any stool you see in the yard before you let her out. Some garden centers sell a cat-repellent spray, maybe spraying that around the perimeter of the fence will help keep cats out. Good luck.

  8. yen says:

    stop her before before she does it

  9. W. says:

    Yelling does nothing but make a dog fearful. Keep the dog on a leash if you cannot do poop patrol before letting it out.

  10. prettygurl8754 says:

    as soon as she poops pick it up

  11. OhIDoDoI says:

    Dogs just love to roll in stuff… and yours apparently REALLY loves to. Your chances of training it not to are slim to none, since that’d be kindof like teaching a dog to not eat random steak that happened to arrive in his back yard.

    The best thing to do is put down some things to deter the cat from coming in. I’ve heard of pepper or cayanne pepper etc.. you’d have to google some other methods. Unfortunately anything you put down will affect your dog too. Perhaps try fencing off the flowerbeds where the cats go? Or hide out in the yard with a hose and spray the cat when it comes for a potty? (I love cats but they don’t have to poop in your yard, a little scare from a hose won’t do any harm).

    You might also want to look up some dry-bath products… I know they make cleaning products and such that don’t involve water and suds, like wipes and dry-bath products.

    ADD: Don’t spray your flowerbeds with an ammonia based cleaner… not only will this kill your flowers, it will also ENCOURAGE the cat to come back. Urine has ammonia in it. Putting ammonia in the flowerbeds will encourage the cat to come back.

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