How can I keep my huskies from running away?

I have a male and a female husky and I love them dearly,but they will not stay in my yard. I even bought two kennels and put them together for a large play area and they get out no matter what.I can’t keep them in the house because they just stand by the back door the whole time wanting out.Any suggetions?
They break chains and get out of their kennel.

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4 Responses to “How can I keep my huskies from running away?”

  1. luvpitbulls says:

    get a 25 foot yard leash for each of the dogs and make shure that the leashes are some place that will not come loose . i have the same prob with one of my dogs

  2. samschi21 says:

    why dont u chain them up on a retractable chain when u have them outside?

  3. Sunshine says:

    I have 2 suggestions,first if their male consider haveing them nuitered,I have a toy poodle he did the same thing.Had him fixed,and he dosent run away any more.If thats too drastic,consider one of those great big square cages for them to play in.Hey anything is better than them getting hit by a car right?

  4. S.T. says:

    run them huskies are one of those breeds that you have to be able to commit a lot of time for they were breed for running miles and miles a day

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