How can I get my husband to assume more responsibility?

When I was pregnant with our daughter my husband and I decided that we wanted her to grow up with lots of pets.She’s 4 now and we have 2 cats,one kitten,2 rats,a hamster,an african clawed frog and 3 dogs.My husband and I decided together about every pet.Just about 3 weeks ago my husband brought an abused dog home and he’s now part of our family.The problem is my husband refuses to help in the care of the animals.I feed all the animals,clean cages and tanks,walk dogs all day and clean cat litter.Our 4 year old helps more than my husband.She likes to feed our frog and walk our yorkshire terrier.I don’t want to get rid of any of our pets but I need a little bit of help.The newest dog we got isn’t housetrained so I’m taking him out constantly but my husband won’t walk him even though he pushed hard for us to take this dog in.I love my pets but sometimes I feel like I work in a zoo or kennel.
I know many families that have way more pets than we do.I didn’t ask for your opinion about how many pets I own.If you have a problem with the number of pets I have please keep it to your self since it doesn’t have anything to do with this question.thanks

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3 Responses to “How can I get my husband to assume more responsibility?”

  1. Samantha N says:

    You’ve got to think of what you can do with that time that you spend taking care of the pets. You could probably spend more time with your daughter or husband. You should call the pound or animal control and turned all the pets in and only keep maybe one.

    As far as your husband assuming responsibility, he doesn’t have to because he knows you will do the work. So be responsible and turn the pets in. Your daughter will learn from you and you’ll have more time for yourself and your family or a hobby.

    Good luck.

  2. Heather says:

    ur crazy to have that many animals, i think you may have gone overboard. tell him to help or threaten to get rid of them.

  3. lundegaard_2 says:

    You should have a talk with your husband about the fact that you feel as if you are doing too much of the work caring for the pets. It could be that he doesn’t realize how much work you are doing or how upset it is making you. Husbands are not psychics; they need to be told what you are thinking.

    It could be that the solution involves you giving up some of your pets for adoption, but it also could be that your family can work things out without doing that. You should write down all of the responsibilities for each pet (feedings, walkings, cleanings, etc.), and then decide upon a fair allocation of the duties. Make sure that you and your husband agree on this, and make sure that everyone does his or her part.

    Good luck!

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