How can I get my dog to stop running from me?

So I was living In the middle east and this really nice and cute Egyptian pharoah dog was at the shelter, they treat the dogs like shit there and it was in a kennel since a puppy for about 2 years and Before I left back to the states I took it with me. The dog is scared shitless of me… I feed it and it stands at a distance until I leave to eat. It’s lived with me for about 8 months now and I still can’t approach it. When she was in a corner one day I decided to try and sneak up to it to pet it to assure her that I won’t hurt her. She noticed me close and sprinted away leaving pooplets behind it was so scared.I’m thinking I might remind her of some Arab guy that used to beat her since I have dark hair (I’m Italian heritage) anyways any opinions on how I can get her to relax and have a dog that will atleast sit on the couch with me while I watch tv or something? Thx

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9 Responses to “How can I get my dog to stop running from me?”

  1. Dominic says:

    you should hold a treat and wave it at your dog so she can come to you keep on doing that till she gets used to coming to you. Once she gets used to coming to you, you could comfort her and pet her smoothly on her back and head. gud luck!

  2. sewandsew says:

    First of all take some deep breaths and RELAX. Then, go to the library and check out the book The Loved Dog. Go back home, turn on animal planet, get in your favorite chair and read the book – it’s short, interesting and quite informative especially for someone in your situation. You’ll learn exactly how to handle the situation you are faced with. Good luck.

  3. hotmama says:

    I am so sorry to hear that 🙁 Poor puppy! At my local shelter I was taught to just give those dogs there space and let them come to you. We often times see those kinds of dogs,especially when they come from abusive homes. Any time you ever meet a new dog you should let them come to you,don’t approach it…not that anyone actually follows those rules. Especially with a dog like that we just take care of it,feed it,give it water and let it out, but never attempt to approach them to pet them. The last dog took 3 months before he finally walked up to me and nudged my hand showing he wanted to be petted. If it’s been 8 months maybe you should seek some sort of help for her..she probably has some serious psychological damage. If that is not an option for you than just leave her alone..ignore her, don’t talk to her don’t stare at her, don’t approach her.

  4. lg says:

    Sit down, on the floor or in a chair or on the couch close to her level and ‘bribe’ her to come to you with a toy or a treat she really likes..maybe cheese or throw some hot dog slices in the microwave (cool them off) and if she gets used to the treats and learns to come to you–it might be easier for her to get used to you coming to her…bribe her for that too. Have you tried feeding her by hand? I don’t think you should sneak up to her or corner. That could be frightening to alot of animals…like ‘fight or flight’. Be happy she is not fighting.
    Good luck!

  5. Luzy says:

    first off dont walk Straight up to a dog they get scared easily. your should try crouching down as low as possible and offer her a treat not regular dog food food but a good treat that she’ll like. if crouching doesn’t work lay down right infornt of her and let her come to you and check you out. she’ll be less scare if you down at her level. if she does come up to you well your laying down dont move just let her smell you and maybe just lift you hand and hold it infornt of her but dont go to touch her. hope this helps. :]

  6. KammiCookie says:

    You have to move very slowly and speak very gently when you are around her.
    Try lying down on the floor,if she comes up to you,and you’ll have to lay there for a very long time,dont try to touch her.Just let her investigate you.She might eventualy learn that you wont hurt her and she will feel safe around you.

    I would call an animal behviourist and ask them for advice.She may be better with women,see if a female friend or relative can get close to her.

  7. Nikki S says:

    you might cvonsider calling petsmart and getting some proper training..aside from just showing the dog love and affection and not being harsh with it even if it has an accident in the house…treats are a good way to get in close and show the dog you can be trusted.

  8. venom says:

    She is just really scared cause she dont know you and is in a new place eventually she will get used to you and let you pet her but she will probablyl still run when your walking straight toward her but she will get over that too…. It will probably be a good week or two before you can pet her

  9. Hoolagal says:

    i might try not giving the dog his breakfast …. at supper time get on the floor and offer him food from your hand … be very patient … don’t say much either … and make it something good like cooked chicken or something else a dog would find super yummy … if he won’t take it from your hand at first try tossing a little piece so he can smell it and eat it … try that and see if you can get him to take it from your hand … it might be a small step but if you can get her to take food from your hand this will be a good first step …. and with her fear, you can never sneak up because that will probably just freak her out more and make her trust you less … if she likes to go outside and walk, that is also a good way to bond … a tired dog has less energy for fear … i would talk very little to that dog and kinda let her come to you … if she does come to you don’t say anything just let it happen and it will eventually … you are a good hearted person to rescue that dog and make efforts to deal with her issues :O)

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