How can I get my dog to go in his heated dog house. Its -40 outside!?

He is scared of the flap because its loud, its made of plexiglass and metal. We tried a rubber door, he ate it in one day. We have tried putting his food in the house, meat, treats, toys, straw, his blankets, nothing works! He still sits out in his fenced kennel all day and today his paws were white and cold! We are really worried and you don’t want to have to keep him in his tiny sleeping crate all day while we are not home! Please help, I don’t like my dog hurting 🙁
He is a springer spaniel and he just turned 2. He always had a lot of energy, he has to be watched constantly when he is in the house because he will eat plants, firewood and anything on the counter or fridge. He has come a LONG way since he was a puppy, he used to have to be attached to us with a leash all the time. We have him in the house whenever we are home. My sister and I are in school all day and my parents work all day. He gets 4 really long walks a day.

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    9 Responses to “How can I get my dog to go in his heated dog house. Its -40 outside!?”

    1. Loretta says:

      He’s a lot better off in a crate than in a dog house ! Why would you get a dog if you don’t have time for him? A crate is like his own private space or his own bedroom. They like to be in their crate if their not in it all the time. There are big crates that have dividers and you can choose at any time to give him more or less space. This is handy if he’s not housebroken. Please don’t put him outside !!! He needs to feel safe ! Who’s safe outside. A neighbor could feed him poison, he could be afraid of thunder, he could be cold, or too hot, he could get more fleas, and most of all, he would be lonely. Dogs need to be with people for love and affection.
      They may be alone while you’re gone, but he will feel safer inside, and know you will be back. He will also know you love him if you keep him where you live, and not outside. Believe me, he will appreciate more than you will ever know.

    2. GSD ~ I<3Jesus says:

      When I get new dog houses my dogs never go in them, so I force them, and then they see its nor going to hurt them…

    3. her1799 says:

      put your dog inside your house

    4. Sour says:

      Go In there with him and SHOW him it’s okay and nothing to be afraid of. If that doesn’t work, Try taking him on a leash and holding him near you while you open and close the flap. (:


      What’s up with all the TD’s.?

    5. Mama Tex says:

      take the door off and deal with the higher utility bill. He will get some heat and then in the spring you can worry about the training for the newer door.

    6. Jenny says:

      Can’t you just keep him in the kitchen or something and use a doggy door?

      I think it is best for you to keep him in the sleeping crate all day than to take the chance of him freezing to death outside. Are you going to housetrain him? I hope you are planning on allowing the dog inside the house at some point..

    7. Camirra says:

      Try removing the plastic door and using cloth material instead. A bath towel usually works well – though it does look kind of tacky. 😛 I don’t think he’ll chew the towel and it won’t scare him with any noises. It won’t hold the heat in as well as the plastic door – but it will hold in enough to keep him warm.

      I had to do that with one of my dogs who refused to go in and out the dog door I installed.

    8. SunneeOne w says:

      I have the same problem with my dog. Although, it isn’t -40 here…it is still too cold for her outside.

      She has a wonderful doghouse…but she will not use it. She lays outside, and runs around in the yard, until she is absolutely frozen….

      I leave her in her crate until it gets warmer….it is safer for her.

    9. Person says:

      What breed is he?
      and why can’t you keep him inside or have somebody watch him?

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